How to Restart from Last Save Aternos

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Aternos is known as one of the most commonly used portals that provides the fans of Minecraft with free servers so that they are able to run their own network. Everything is free, as the motto of the company: Minecraft servers 0 free – forever. It means this one will be free as long as Minecraft is free.

There are about 13 million users and 400,000 gamers who use Aternos each day, and the server has been in the field since 2013. Aternos has some pros and cons.


  • It is free and always will be
  • You are able to add up to 20 players
  • Amazing customer support
  • Clearly no need to hand over your card details


  • Limited options
  • Plugins are available but they are limited
  • Cannot install your own modpack or modify config files

When playing on Aternos, sometimes you just exit it immediately. How to restart from your last save Aternos? If you want to restart from your last save on Aternos, it is related to the backup. Here is the information about the backup on Aternos that you have to know. Please go to the community if you have something to ask.

If you want to keep your world safe and prevent the data loss, you are recommended to create backups of your server regularly. You are able to connect a Google Drive account to your Aternos account and store as many backups as you want in your Google Drive storage. Keep in mind that backups are able to be only managed via the official website of Aternos. Accessing them directly in Google Drive is impossible.

Connecting a Google Drive account

You are able to connect a Google Drive account by clicking the Connect button located on the backups page. You are only able to connect the account to your own server, not to the ones you have shared access to.

Configuring automatic backups

You are able to configure your server to make backups automatically. There is also a possibility of you to set a maximum amount of automatic backups to save storage space. When it reaches the limit, an older automatic backup will be deleted every time a new one is created. Automatic backups will be created every day when your server is stopped.

Creating backups manually

In order to create a backup manually, you can just enter a name for it and click the Create backup button. The process might take up to a few minutes. Actually, everything depends on the size of your server.

Restoring a backup

You are able to restore a backup by clicking the restore button. Please be warned that restoring a backup will completely replace your current server files, including your world.

Disconnecting a Google Drive account

You are able to disconnect your account from Aternos in your Google Drive setting by opening, clicking the settings icon that is able to be found in the upper right corner of the screen and switching to the Manage apps tab.

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