How to Speak Minecraft Enchantment Table

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When you are using an enchantment table, you may be a bit confused because of the language used by. In fact, this language comes with different formats which make the players getting hard to understand it. In this case, an enchantment table is used in a language named Standard Galactic Language.

It means that you have to understand the language if you really want to use the enchantment table. Because the enchantment table does not come with English language, of course to understand the Standard Galactic Language, you must translate any terms to English.

What is Standard Galactic Language?

Standard Galactic alphabet is a series of 26 symbols that replace the 26 letters of the classic Latin Alphabet. Well, when you write a text in English, it will be satisfied with a replacement character by character. In this case, to speak the alphabet in this language, you can replace symbol after symbol by the corresponding letters.

The Galactic Standard Language is composed of the symbols with runic inspirations. Generally, this language is used in several video game universes, especially in the game of Minecraft. With Commander Keen, Quake 4 or Minecraft, this alphabet definitely appears in enchantment tables.

How Does the Standard Galactic Alphabet Appear in Enchantment Table?

As we know that an enchanting table is a block that allows the players to spend their experience point level to enchant tools, books, armor, weapons and certain items. An enchanting table cannot be moved by pistons. Well, when an enchanting table is placed on ice, of course the player slides on it as though it’s an ice block, just like with slabs.

The Standard Galactic Alphabet appears on the arcane glyphs which float from bookshelves to the enchanting table and the cryptic runes in the enchanting table’s interface. The arcane glyphs here are written in Standard Galactic Alphabet.

How to Understand Enchantment Table Language in Minecraft?

As we’ve explained above, that enchantment table comes with Standard Galactic Language which makes many players not understand it. So, as a Minecraft player, certainly you are demanded for understanding the language to ease you in playing Minecraft.

When you want to craft and use an enchantment table, the first thing that you need to do is to understand the language. In this case, you are recommended to understand the Standard Galactic Language.

To understand it, you need to translate the Standard Galactic Language to English. By translating it, we guess that you will understand a bit about it. Then, to translate Standard Galactic Language to English or vice versa, you definitely can translate both at

You can also use the Planet Calc site to translate the language.

  • To translate it, you need to go to the site of
  • On the search bar, you can type “Standard Galactic Language” or “Standard Galactic Alphabet”.
  • After that, the keyword of “Standard Galactic Alphabet” will show up.
  • Then, click it and you will be directed to the Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder page.
  • Scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the decoder.
  • To decode something to English, you can just click on the SGA keyboard and the message will be shown at the top of the SGA keyboard.
  • After you decode, you can save the result for free. Besides, you can copy and paste the result.

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