How to Spectate in Valorant

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Since you are playing Valorant, you may want to watch the other players when they’re playing a game. Of course, your desire is not just a dream that it will be coming true soon. However, in Valorant, you are able to spectate the other players’ gameplay. Then, how to spectate in Valorant?

In fact, there are still many Valorant players who do not know the ways of how to spectate the others. It is because the ways to spectate in Valorant are easy and a little bit difficult to do. So, that’s why most players really get hard to do this way.

In Valorant, you can find an awesome feature that helps the players to get replay gameplay. The feature is Valorant Spectator Mode which consists of the most basic function with a free camera and the ability to go from one player’s point of view to another. This feature lacks many tools but it presents a clear and consistent interface.

Why do Valorant launch this feature?

Of course, it cannot be denied if there is a great enthusiasm from the players to follow and watch for any kinds of Valorant events. In fact, not all Valorant fans can always follow for every event.

In this case, we guess that Valorant does not want to make fans disappointed. So, the Valorant devs think that they will need a feature that enables the players to watch replay games in tournaments.

So, the strong determination of Valorant developers leads them to launch this Spectator Mode.

Unfortunately, the feature of Spectator Mode is getting down. It is because this feature invites any controversy among the players. The pro players who joined with a Valorant tournament assumed that this spectator feature is unfair at all. However, the Spectator feature can allow the teammate and the other players to look at one player screen when playing Valorant in tournament.

Of course, if the streamers look at it, they will know well there were some actions bound to happen. Moreover, the spectators feature comes to help the fans and the other players to replay the gameplay. But evidently, this feature finally presents with imporper function.

At the beginning, this Spectator Mode feature was designed for broadcast and is by no means esports ready. But now, there are many esports players who are supposed to be unfair.

From this issue, it leads the Riot Games to improve the Spectator Mode feature in order not to make the pro players getting lost.

Because you are coming to this page to look for the information of how to spectate in Valorant, unfortunately, we cannot share it for you.

As we have explained above that this Spectator Mode feature is under-maintenance. So, there is a possibility that Riot Games will enable this feature for a while. But, there is a short chat from a pro Valorant player in which you can find the Spectator mode on the top right corner of the gaming screen.

So, it can be a way that you can click on a friend in friends list. Then, click Spectate. Of course, to spectate is different in some other games.

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