How to Surrender in Valorant

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The developer of Valorant called Riot Games is not in the first person shooter genre thanks to the release of its tactical character based game of the Valorant. This one, is no doubt, seems plenty of matches where a team is dominating the other team, and there is no hope of victory in sight.

There is a chance of a teammate of your left early, and your team was down a player the entire match. With this in your thought, the developer has added a surrender feature. This feature allows teams to throw in the towel and jump into a different game without having to finish out a game that is sure to cause a lot of headaches, especially if things start to become toxic.

So, how to surrender in Valorant? For those who are wondering how to surrender in this competitive game, please read the whole article. If you have any questions or have a hard time, it is better for you to visit the community of Valorant and discuss with the members of the community.

The surrender button can enable players to opt out a Valorant game before its conclusion. Each remaining player of a team has to agree on the vote for it to be passed and once passed, awards the opposition for all the remaining round wins, while offering the round losses to the team surrendering.

Here is the method that you can use the new Early Surrender feature in the next Valorant game you find unwinnable. The first thing that you have to do is to press the Enter key in order to open chat. Then, type /ff or /forfeit in the chat box. Please do it without quotation marks. In case a teammate calls up the vote, all that you have to do is to type /yes or /no in the chat to register your vote. Aside from that, you are also able to use the F5 and F6 keys on your keyboard for the same task. If each remaining player in your team votes yes, the vote will be passed and the game will end.

Do not forget that the surrender vote cannot be called before the 8th round, and furthermore, it is only able to be called once per half. It has likely been done in order to prevent spamming of the surrender vote and to keep games interesting while also giving the players an opportunity to surrender if and only when continuing a game would seem futile.

Since surrendering a game equals losing all the remaining rounds left to make the opponent team win, the surrender button should only be used when a player of your team has left and the game seems unwinnable through a 4v5. Please keep in mind that surrendering when the game is still 5v5 is generally a bad thing unless your team is heavily out-skilled by the opposition, and you are sure that no further round can be won by your team.

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