How to Turn Minecraft Into an RPG

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For those who want to turn Minecraft into an RPG, you are going to need some mods, such as Oftifine, RPG HUD, RPG Loot, Millenaire, Ambience, Dynamic Surroundings, and Resource Pack. This is suggested by JWhip.

You need to collect all these following mods and then follow the instructions explained by JWhip on his official YouTube channel. Make sure you follow everything well and pause the video if required. If you have any questions, you are able to leave a comment under the comment section so that the owner of the channel or other people can help you to answer your question.


Optifine is a mod that can help you to adjust Minecraft effectively. This mod will make the game run more smoothly and use less resources. On top of that, it will enable you to run resource or texture packs without installing more other mods. Usually, it will double or triple your FPS.


RPG Hud will be able to change your Heads Up Display and add a few new features to it.

RPG Loot

RPG adds an RPG like looting system. When mobs or the players are killed, the items are going to stay with the corpse instead of dropping from them. Once you right click the corpse, the drops and your inventory can be viewed and the loot taken or left then. If the loot is left it is going to respawn with the corpse after five minutes. After killed by one the loot belongs to, and can be only looted by the player. In case, it is killed by any means other than a player, the corpse is able to be looted by anyone.


Millenaire is a Minecraft mod that allows to fill the emptiness left by the default Minecraft Villages by adding new NPC villages loosely based on 11th century cultures. A village is a place populated by men, women,and children that live their own life and have their own story to tell. People who live there are going to trade with you, craft the strong weapons, build and upgrade buildings, and if you listen, give you an insight into their lives.


You have to know that ambience is the successor to the discontinued RuneTune mod. This one adds an environmentally aware soundtrack to Minecraft. However, it does not add any music, but it adds the power for you to craft, using a config and MP3 files, your soundtrack for the game, or just download a music pack and go from there.


Dynamic Surroundings will change the visual and audible experience of the player in Minecraft, and does not alter game mechanics. The player of Minecraft has a high degree of control over their experience, mudpack authors will be able to customize biome and block effects based on their need.


You are able to get a Resource Pack on Chroma Hills. There are some versions of them. To get one, you are able to click the Download Zip File button and agree to the Chroma Hills Terms and Conditions.

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