How to Type in All Chat Valorant

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Like with any good competitive shooter, the players of Valorant need also to keep in constant communication. In this case, the voice chat is the preferred way. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a microphone. If voice communication is not an option, it is very important to know how to text chat in Valorant. If you have something that you want to say to everyone, so you will need to know about  how to type in all chat. Fortunately, the procedure of typing in all chat within Valorant is simple.


Apparently, there are two ways to type in all chat in Valorant.

  • The first way is by pressing Shift + enter and then start typing.
  • The second way is by pressing enter -> “/all” then type your message.

You are able to hit enter to open up the normal chat menu and begin your message with /all with type it to everyone rather than just your team. However, Shift+Enter is going to send your messages directly to everyone in the match and it is much faster. For this case, you are free to choose which way you will do.

You have an ability to use the team chat as well as voice chat to communicate with your teammates. In FPS games like Valorant where you only have one life each round, making callouts to your teammates about the location of opponents and where danger is super important. As long as you are being constructive with your communication, you are able to give as much information as possible for your teammates. Please do not be a back-seat player. Even though  someone is in a 1v1 clutch, let them play. You do not crowd the voice chat. Keep letting them play.

As we said before that to type in all chat in Valorant, you are able to hold Shift and press Enter. Alternatively, you are able to chat to all players by pressing Enter and typing “/all” before the contents of your message. Whichever the way you choose, the message you type is going to be sent to all players in the match. We think that pressing Shift+Enter is the easiest way to chat all in Valorant. Typing “/all” is going to send your message to everyone, but you can also send messages specifically to your party by typing “/party” at the start of your message.

This system is going to be familiar to the players of other Riot Games releases. League of Legends uses the same chat system, where “Enter” is used to chat and pressing Shift+Enter to send all chat. But, League of Legends also has a number of chat commands which are not (yet) available in Valorant. As for whether or not more chat commands are coming down the line, we cannot say for sure. The last word, we are going to remember you to not talk too much trash. Or you may find yourself getting into more trouble than you expected.

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