How to Unlock Characters in Valorant (More Agents)

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Valorant is the name of a free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter created by Riot Games. This one has enjoyed massive success since the first time it was launched. It looks like a combination of Counter Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch, with its smooth shooting mechanics and unique characters that possess special abilities.

Valorant has 11 characters. Those are Sage, Phoenix, Sova, Jett, and Brimstone. Basically, you have plenty of options to keep you entertained while you work on unlocking the remaining six Valorant agents. Each with a set of unique abilities, but all of them are not unlocked from the very start of the game. Every player has to work their way in order to unlock most of the characters. They are able to test and try out all agents in training to get a grasp of their social abilities, making it easier to select the most suitable agent.

In this article, you can take a look at some effective ways of unlocking new agents. So, how to unlock the characters in Valorant?

The first one is the basic way. The easiest method to unlock the new characters in the game is by playing the game as it has a progression-based unlock system that rewards players with new agents as they play the first few matches. New players are able to reach tier five and tier ten to unlock two new agents of their choice.

The second one is contracts. After completing the introductory contract, you will unlock agent ones. Each agent of Valorant has a contract filled with cosmetics associated with that character. Every agent contract has 10 tiers for you to progress through, and you do this in the same method as the introductory contract, gaining XP by playing the game and completing missions, except there are two agents you unlocked during the introductory contract. They will already get the first five tiers of the personal contracts unlocked.

Please keep in mind that Valorant agent contracts are how you unlock new agents in the game. as mentioned above, each contract has cosmetics associated with the agent. However, the tier five present for each agent contract is the agent itself. Hence the ones you unlocked in the introductory contract begin their personal contracts at tier six. In addition, the five free agents have another cosmetic on tier five since they are already unlocked. You have to gain 375,000 XP to unlock the agent. Please choose your first two wisely because the next ones will take longer. You will be helped by the missions to get there faster.

The third one is pay. Even though unlocking characters of Valorant is fun, a few players may find it time-consuming and tedious. There is, however, an effortless method around it and that is by paying for the locked agents. For those who are curious, it takes €11.99 to buy 10,000 points of Valorant which can be used to unlock a new character. A player is able to unlock any character using real money.

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