How to Upgrade Skins in Valorant

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Are you wondering how to upgrade skins in Valorant? The entrance into the first person shooter community of Riot Games is bringing a little bit of their cosmetic style players familiar with Riot will be used to.

Skins are able to be purchased with Radianite Points. The page of the store has limited time bundles with these skin collection bundles changing every few hours, and most likely a dedicated sto page once the game is fully released. Aside from that, the developer has also promised that there will be no loot boxes in the game at all, adding a level of transparency gamers have wanted for ages.

So, how to level up Valorant skins? For those who are familiar to League of Legends and skins in MOBA of Riot Games, Valorant will be paying off the Chroma model. In the popular game called League of Legends, players are able to buy a base skin and then have the option of purchasing additional versions of that skin, mainly recolored variants.

In Valorant, in order to unlock these skins variants, you are able to use the Radianite Points to level up your guns and acquire these skins. In addition, Riot Games also has said they will be releasing a battle pass like the system that will allow players to level up the more they play and unlock more cosmetic rewards. it is not clear what exactly those rewards will be, but it is safe to assume at least one or two weapon skins will be a part of it.

As stated before, skins are able to be purchased with Radianite Points. Radianite Points or RP are known as a form of currency in the game. They are able to be obtained by completing contracts from the battle pass or bought with Valorant Points. They are able to be spent to evolve a weapon with the new VFX, audio, animations, finishers and variants or skins on a few gun skins that are bought from the shop. They are able to be gained by trading in Valorant Points or VP. However, once traded, they cannot be transferred back to Valorant Points. Please keep in mind that Radianite Points are not allowed to be used to buy agents for tiers on the battle pass. There is no benefit to them in the game. The developer of Valorant called Riot Games have said that as they develop new features, they hope you will be able to use it (Radianite Points) in order to buy more Gun Buddies, upgrade Player Cards and Sprays in addition to what is currently just weapon skins.

How much do Radianite Points cost? For those who are wondering about the prices of Radianite Points, here is the information:

Radianite Points

Valorant Points

R 20

V 1600

R 40

V 2800

R 80

V 4800

For detail information about how to upgrade skins in Valorant, please read a lot and join the community of Valorant if needed.

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