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Almost every player of Minecraft faced https // not working PS4 issue once in their life. If you are currently facing the same issue, please do not worry because you will be knowing how to easily fix this issue.

https // PS4 refers to the Minecraft error in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The players of Minecraft who try to play the game for the first time using the Microsoft account usually face this error. It can cause you to not be able to sign in Minecraft with your Microsoft account. You will regularly get an error message like https //, enter Microsoft code.

The main reason for getting the https // is because of the device change. A lot of people change their devices for not experiencing a lot of features. If you are planning to change your devices, suppose from Xbox 360 to PS4 then there is a high chance of you facing this Microsoft login error. Basically, the reason for getting the https // sign in error is due to crossplay, which is available in this game but you have to get a Microsoft account. Everything is just a matter of commands in Minecraft Bedrock Editions.

Then, how to solve the https // on PS4? The first way is to use the Microsoft sign in code from Minecraft. This type of code is only seen on PS4 accounts. For the new Microsoft account, you will have some effort to access the game. Aside from that, you will also be able to see the Microsoft sign in error code. First of all, head over to Microsoft code access page and bookmark the page. Then, open the Minecraft error message display and write down the code. The next thing is to copy and paste it on the Microsoft page on another device. After you have pasted the code, you will be able to set access to Microsoft and be able to visit the Minecraft Store. Apart from that, you are also able to get the Microsoft coupon codes on some sites as well.

The second solution that you can try is to delete the Minecraft saved and corrupted game date. If you want to try this method, you should go to settings > System Settings > Storage > Game storage and you will see two game data files of Minecraft. Please throw these two game files to the trash bin and start afresh.

Another alternative is to create a brand-new Microsoft account. If you recently changed your device and encountered this issue then it is usually because the Microsoft account that you have been using on Xbox seems to conflict with the PS4. In order to fix the issue, you have to make a brand-new Microsoft account just in the same way you did while playing on Xbox. Feel free to use the remote access feature to easily fix the https // PS4 error. In addition, you are allowed to download the Minecraft texture packs to fix it.

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