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On Hypixel server, you are only allowed to play another game, not only Minecraft. One of the games that you can play on Hypixel’s server is Skyblock Dungeons. Well, to succeed playing Skyblock Dungeons, at least you’ll need a great guide that will lead you to be a best player.

Unfortunately, not all Skyblock players really understand to play the game. Even most of them look for the tips and tricks, guides and tutorial to ease them playing this game. Certainly, in finding the guide of Skyblock Dungeons, you need to get the guides from trusted sources.

Well, you can get the guide of Skyblock Dungeons on the Hypixel forum. In fact, there are some threads on the Hypixel forum which discuss the Skyblock Dungeons guide. So, here are the guides of Skyblock Dungeons that you can follow:

Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons Guide

On Skyblock Dungeons, at least there are some stages that you need to play. In each stage, you need to complete a goal.

Basic Strat

In this stage, the tank will go in first. Then, you can use jungle bells to aggro and others can attack. In this case, the healer will always be wary of everyones and quick. Indeed, it’s important to keep everyone still alive.

Floor 1 , Bonzo

On this floor, you need to hit him when he runs. Then, go behind the pillars when he throws balloons. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

  • Reward: Bonzo’s Staff, Bonzo’s Mask, Necromancer’s Brooch, FF6, Recombobulator 3000, Inf Quiver 6 and Ultimate Enchant.

Floor 2, Scarf

In this stage, the scarf will appear to her undead that are warriors, archers, priests and others. You need to kill the priest first because it heals. Once you kill them, make the scarf focus on the tank. But, you need to be careful due to there are areas with deal true damage and jingle bells will not work in this place.

  • Rewards: Ultimate enchant FF6, Inf Quiver 6,Scarf’s Studies, Necromancer’s Brooch and Adaptive Blade.

Floor 3, The Professor

You need to kill the guardians with berserk. Once you kill them, the professor will come after you. Then, he will revive the guardians and fuse them together to become a guardian while the water rises. Well, just kill after that, the Tank’s will help the healer heal the damage healer.

  • Rewards: Ultimate Enchant, FF6, Inf Quiver 6, Necromancer’s Brooch, Suspicious Vial and Adaptive Armor.


In this game, you are also allowed to save 10% of your coins upon death. Goes up to Bank with 50% coins saved.

No Pain No Gain

Goes to No Pain No Gain to get a 100% chance. 20% chance to get 2 experience orbs over getting hit.


Goes up to Combo V that can increase time to 15 seconds. Every mob kills in 3 seconds 1 strength and 1 critical damage.

Ultimate Wise

You have to reduce ability cost by 10%. Goes up to Ultimate Wise V which can give you 50% Mana reduction.

Best Enchant

With Ultimate Jerry V, the enchant will be needed.

Last Stand

You can increase your defense by 5% when below 4% HP. You can go up to Last Stand V that can give you 25% defense when below 40% HP.


Get 1 Intelligence per 5 levels of exp you’ve which caps at 20. Go up to Wisdom V with 5 Intelligence per 5 exp levels and caps at 100.

Well, make sure to follow the guide above if you want to succeed in playing Skyblock Dungeons.

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