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In Minecraft, Dungeons are structures which appear in the Overworld. In Java Edition, they generate naturally in the Overworld at any attitude. Dungeons consist of small rooms which are made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. Also, they contain a mob spawner and up to 2 chests.

If you want to find a dungeon without a chest is unlikely but of course possible. Also, it is a rare chance for you to find a dungeon without a spawner. When you are in the Minecraft world, you may want to locate dungeons. But, how to do that by  using seed? If you want to find dungeons in Minecraft world, you are able to do it by using Chunk Base site. In this site, there are finders that you are able to use for finding something in Minecraft such as Biome Finder, Slime Chunk Finder, Village Finder, Mansion Finder, Monument Finder, and many more.

Dungeon Finder is one of the finders that you can use in the Chunk Base site. When you access the Chunk Base site, you have to go to the Apps menu at the top of the screen. Then, there will be a lot of options for the finders. The thing that you have to click is Dungeon so that you will be directed to the Dungeon Finder of the Chunk Base site.

In the Dungeon Finder, you will see a Seed field and Version field. In the Seed field, you have to enter the seed of your world. And then, in the Version field, you have to choose the version of Minecraft that you are playing. If you have entered the world seed in the text box and the version of Minecraft, you are able to use the map below to find chunks which contain dungeons:

  • Orange circle means there are multiple spawners in chunk.
  • Green circle means there is a Zombie spawner.
  • Grey circle means there is a Skeleton Spawner.
  • Red circle means that there is a Spider Spawner.

If you want to get the exact coordinates, you are able to:

  • hover over a chunk or double click if you use the mouse.
  • tap or long press on a chunk if you use the touch screen.

Then, the coordinates will be shown below the map.

Besides using this Dungeon Finder in the Chunk Base, you are able to use mods for finding dungeons in Minecraft. There are some mods that you can install to your Minecraft client to help you locate dungeons. Some of them are listed below.

  • X-Ray Texture Packs. These packs will make stone invisible so that it will be easy to locate dungeons underground.
  • Minimap Mods. These mods will show nearby mobs on a minimap and it is helpful for locating dungeons. If there is a group of mobs near on your maps, it is possible that there is a dungeon there.
  • Dungeon Finder Mods. The mods like Finder Compass are able to help you to locate dungeons. This mod will point your compass specifically to the dungeons.

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