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Biomes in Minecraft are regions of the terrain with various geographical features, vegetation, elevation, temperature, mobs and sky color. You may want to know the certain location of Biome in Minecraft. If you do, you need a biome finder. But, what biome finder can we use for Xbox One?

Have you ever heard or accessed Chuck Base? Chunk Base is a site where you are able to find a biome finder. Can we use it for Xbox One? Yes, you are able to use it for Xbox One. If you want to use it, you are able to access Chunk Base at chunkbase.com. There, you will see some menus but the thing that you must do to use biome finder is that you have to click on the Apps menu. When you are in the Apps page, you will see that Chunk Base does not only have Biome finder but also other things such as Mineshaft Finder, Nether Fortress Finder, Stronghold Finder, Slime Finder, Village Finder, Desert Temple Finder, Jungle Temple Finder, Igloo Finder, End City Finder, Mansion Finder, Dungeon Finder, Buried Treasure Finder, Monument Finder, Witch Hut Finder, Shipwreck Finder and Pillager Outpost Finder.

What do we have to do in the Apps page? When you are in the Apps menu page in Chunk Base site, you have to click on Biome to use Biome Finder. And you will be brought to the Biome Finder page. On that page, you have to enter the seed and then click on the Find Biomes button. You are also able to drag and drop level dat there. There is also a grid view. If you put your cursor on it, you will see that every color has a different meaning of biome. Under the grid view, filter biomes are available.

Since finding biomes requires seed, so you have to know the seed of your world to be able to use Biome Finder unless you want to find a seed for a new world. In case you are playing SSP, the app will be able to fetch the seed from your savegame. Or, you are able to use the /seed command ingame. In SMP, you are able to use the similar command if you have sufficient rights. Or, you are dependent on the server owner who began the world and has access to the same game and config files.

Because some relatively new web technologies are used by Biome Finder, so some features may be disabled for older browsers. Because of this, it is recommended for you to use the latest version of Google Chrome so that you are able to avoid any limitations and to be able to get the best performance when you are using this web tool.

If you applied your seed using the Find Biomes button, you are able to begin using the map. If you want to scroll, you are able to use your arrow keys while your mouse cursor points at the map or you are able to move your mouse while you are holding down the left mouse button. The slider below the map can be used by you for zooming.

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