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In Minecraft, Cartography Table is a cartographer’s job site block which generates in villages. It is usually used for zooming out, cloning and locking maps. You are able to obtain a cartography with any tool including your hand, but using an axe is most efficient.

Cartography tables are able to generate naturally inside cartographer houses in villages. According to Minecraft Gamepedia, you are able to use Cartography tables for expanding, cloning, locking (making them unable to be explored further), and zooming out maps. The tables can also be used for adding pointers to maps, making empty maps and renaming maps. As you are able to see that adding pointers to maps is one of the usages of Cartography Tables.

If you want to use a cartography table in Minecraft, there will be a step where you have to use a pointer. So, let’s see how to use a cartography below. In the steps below, we will try to increase map size by using a cartography table. So, you are able to try following this recipe. The materials that you need for increasing the size of a map are one piece of paper, the map and a cartography table. After you have the materials, you have to open the Cartography Table. And then, you need to choose the table from the hot bar and then you are able to use the pointer to choose the block where you will place it in Minecraft. Now, you have to click on it to be able to view the table front. You will find two boxes and on the first box which is located at the top, you have to put the map which has to be enlarged.

After that, in the second slot below it, you have to put a paper. As soon as you put these two in a cartography table Minecraft, you will be able to find an enlarged map in the right box. In this step, you have to tap and choose the enlarged map to your inventory to use it later. When you open the enlarged map, you will notice that the map is incomplete. The reason is that the player must move around the world exploring and adding pieces to the map to complete it.

You can also create duplicates of a map with Cartography Table. The materials that you need for making map duplicates in Minecraft are two maps and the cartography table. One of the two maps should be the original map that needs to get a duplicate version and the second map can be an empty map. You have to pull out the Minecraft cartography table from the hot bar at the location that you want and you are able to do that by using the pointer to choose the block. On the first box which is located at the top, keep the map the must get duplicated. In the box below, you have to add the empty map. The right box will create two same maps instantly and then you have to collect them to store them in your inventory.

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