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Building a cathedral in Minecraft without a plan can be pretty hard. To make it easier, you need to know what materials needed and how you should structure the building. Fortunately, blueprints came for rescue. They have the ability to make a cathedral in the game much easier. The site called Grab Craft provides more than 6000 of them.

Building a cathedral in Minecraft should start with some really simple projects. Once you have found an idea, you can move on to the harder ones. Are you dreaming of making a cathedral in Minecraft but you have 0 ideas of what to do? Here are some references to build a cathedral in Minecraft. Each on the list is stunning and you will not regret to use them as reference in making a cathedral.

  1. Notre Dame, Paris
  2. Medieval Cathedral
  3. Medieval Kingdom Cathedral
  4. Medieval Kingdom Cathedral Tower 1
  5. Medieval Kingdom Cathedral Tower 2
  6. Detailed Medieval Cathedral
  7. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Everything about the cathedrals listed above is able to be found in Grab Craft. If you are looking for the blueprint of every cathedral, Grab Craft provides it. To find the blueprint, the first thing that should be done is to open your favorite browser and type grabcraft.com. When you are at the frontpage, find the search box. You can always rely on the search box to make the process of searching something easier. Upon finding one, please type in the keyword such as “Minecraft cathedral” and everything will be shown on the screen with just pressing Enter. There are 7 results related to the cathedral and 77 are related to the crunch. Apart from that, it also has more than 6000 buildings that you can use as reference.

You are allowed to use any Minecraft cathedral file in Grab Craft that you want. In the page of every result, there is the information about the object details (materials, descriptions, and so on), 3D model, as well as blueprint. As the thing that you are looking for is the blueprint, you can just click on the Blueprint button and it will be displayed.

Drag the slider to the left or to the right if you want to see the different levels. Those who have played Minecraft for a quite long time must be familiar with the blueprint. However, ones who are considered new might have a different story. The screen with colorful columns and something that looks like a weather map could confuse some people. If you do not have any slightly idea about it, you are encouraged to look for the information about the blueprint itself first.

If you prefer a guide than work from a blueprint, you can just find a simple and easy tutorial on Youtube. If you do not want to deal with the difficulty of building your own cathedral, you are always allowed to look for the premade cathedral. Feel free to take any method to make your dream come true.

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