Minecraft Cathedral Building Guide

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For those who are familiar with extremely popular game called Minecraft, you must know that all players have the ability to build things out of blocks in the game. Talking about the blocks, all of them are pretty much the same when it comes to the size. The only difference is the colors.

Building in Minecraft might sound simple but in reality, it is not. If you just jumped into Minecraft or if you feel like you are a noob when it comes to building something, checking this guide is better. This one specifies for building a cathedral but it can also be used to make the other buildings.

Materials are essential in building something in Minecraft. You can head to your inventory and check if the materials needed are there and if not, please list each of them and get every single thing. Remember to not to skip even a material as it can affect the building.

To build something like a cathedral in Minecraft, first of all, you have to decide where you want to build the building. Any location is fine, but you may have specific preferences, such as in the city or on a mountain. Another thing to decide is a texture for the cathedral. Please think whether you want the cathedral to be made from stone, wooden, metal, or even solid diamond. Apparently, the theme of the building is determined by the texture, so please think about it when planning out the architecture. It also helps you to know which materials to gather. When everything has been decided, you can plan out a single layer of the cathedral.

In the traditional structure, it is the first floor. In case you ever dreamt of the cathedral with some interesting vertical structures such as stairwells or towers, making a plan is needed. Once you have planned everything, you can begin to construct all rooms in areas in that layer. Decorating some interior now is also fine to see what your future masterpiece would look like. Please remember to keep constructing more players until the cathedral is done. Finishing any details that you want is the last thing that you need to do. The process includes filling the empty areas and designing small decorations. Practice is such a perfect way to find out what you like and what works best for you. It is better to design and note what you think best and do not be afraid to change your creation if you think it lacks something.

If you want to make an incredible cathedral in Minecraft, there are a lot of guide videos on Youtube for you to watch. You are encouraged to watch as many videos as you can so that you can get a lot of references, hence, making your dream cathedral in Minecraft would be a little easier. If needed, you can even consult with the real architect to discuss what is in your mind and how to convert it to a virtual building.

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