Minecraft Chocapic13 Shaders 1.15.2

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We guess that almost every Minecraft player will use a shader to enhance the look of the game more beautifully. Indeed, shaders in Minecraft is One of the awesome features that will make your game look attractive. Furthermore, shaders are a famous feature that is generally used to add  various effects.

As we know that there are tons of shaders that you use in Minecraft. One of them is Chocapic 13 shaders 1.15.2.  However, Chocapic 1.15 is a very gorgeous shader which is not only colorful but also does not allow much power. On Chocapic 1.15, you totally will find everything about the functions and the effects of this shader. It also looks marvelous with the default textures and turns your Minecraft world into a great gaming experience.

Chocapic13 Shaders now tries to maintain a decent quality of level even at the lowest possible present. Well, the preset that is high-end is able to run at around 80 to 100 and more than 120 on a simple scene on a mid range GPU such as the GTX 1060 or RX for 570. This shader totally will fit on every resource pack and run on weaker computers as well.

Here are more features that you can get from Chocapic13:

  • Add a real sunshine
  • Add dynamic shadows
  • Give any gorgeous effect of wind on the leaves
  • Present better water visual
  • Deliver amazing night visual
  • Show the real-time shadows, volumetric lightning and reflections and lens effects
  • Make surface wet and reflective when raining

How to Install Chocapic 1.15 Shaders?

Once you know that the Chocapic 1.15 is so special and reliable to use, now, you may want to install it on. Of course, the main thing that you need to recognize before you install this shader is to have Optifine installed before. Moreover, Optifine will make it easier to use the shaders for the latest version of Chocapic13.

The Link to Download Chocapic 1.15 shaders: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4ndat18ou95kt/Official_releases.

Well, here are the guides of installing Chocapic13 shaders:

  • Firstly, you need to download Chocapic for Minecraft 1.15
  • Then, you can launch Minecraft and click on “Options” then.
  • After that, you need to navigate from “Options” over “Video settings” and click on “Shaders”
  • Once you click shaders, you can click on the button “Shaders Folder” in the lower right corner.
  • In this step, you can paste the Shader you have downloaded into this folder
  • Finally, you can restart the Game.
  • Well, the Chocapic13 shaders will appear in your Shader list.

That’s it! Now, you can enjoy this awesome mod. How about you? Do you want to get the Chocapic13 mod for your game?

You need to know that V6 must be able to run on every Minecraft version. Then, if you use V7 and V8, you will be required to have at least Optifine for 1.12.

Now, the Ultra Present is only available for V8. So, you also have to know that there is no in-game options to switch between presents. It occurs since each present has optimizations that are specific which are not able to activate with current shader option API.

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