Minecraft Could Not Connect Outdated Server

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When your Minecraft client updates to the newest version or you would like to connect to the older server version, you may receive a message saying that Minecraft could not connect to the server Outdated Server. If you get this error, it means your Minecraft client version does not match with the server version.

On the other words, the server you are attempting to connect to is running an earlier version of Minecraft. In order to fix the issue, you can try to create a profile in the Microsoft Launcher to run the earlier version of Minecraft. Please follow these instructions to do so.

The first thing that you have to do is to open the Minecraft Launcher. Then, click on the Installations. The next thing that you need to do is to click on New…. After that, give your profile a Name and choose the Minecraft version of the Version drop down. The fifth step is to click the Create button, which is located at the bottom. Then, click on Play. You can use the arrow that is able to be found on the right of the active version if you want to change the profile. The last thing that should be done is to click Play.

If the steps explained above have not fixed your Minecraft server issue, it is better for you to open a support ticket and the dedicated team of Minecraft will be in touch.

If you are trying to jump into the Minecraft server, you may face an issue where you cannot connect to the server because you are using an outdated client. This situation is such a common thing to encounter whenever you have not checked in on the game for a long time, or you immediately try to load into the game the same time Minecraft receives an update. When you are in this situation, the only issue is the fact that you have to update your game.

If you want to update your game to the newest version, make sure to check out how to change your game version to the newest release. The steps that you have to do have been explained above. Please follow every step so your launcher makes the proper installations. Once all of them are finished, you are able to freely log back into your client and no longer face the error. However, if you continue to face this issue, you are recommended to reach out to the Mojang team on their support page. You may have to provide the team with the exact details of what you are dealing with to see what they are able to do for you. Aside from that, it is better for you to also join the community of Minecraft and interact with the members of the community. They shade the same interest as you so they might have the answer to your question. Do not hesitate to interact with them and get help.

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