Minecraft Forge Installer Won’t Open

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You may have downloaded the Forge but then you find that the installer does not open. When you find this problem, what do you do? Some of you may not know what to do, but some others may try several simple efforts to try to fix it.

If now you are facing this issue, you are able to try to fix it by yourself. The first effort that you are able to do is to restart your PC. You are able to shut it down and then start it again. Usually, this simple method can fix any problem. But, if you have done it but you are still facing this problem, you are able to try to use the method that is done by a Youtube channel named WhiteTech. In this Youtube channel, there is a video entitled Minecraft| How to Fix and Open the Forge Installer.

In his video, the fix method is easy to do. In the description section of the video, there is a link that you are able to click and download. You are able to download it on the description of the video. After you download the Jarfix, you have to open it up and when there is a message which says if you want to permit this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC, you are able to click on Yes. Then, you have to press OK on another pop up message. In the video, you are able to see that it works and he can open the Forge Installer.

If you have applied the method to what WhiteTech does, but you are still not able to open the Forge installer, try to ask other players on Minecraft forum about it. You are able to get help from them how to fix the Minecraft Forge installer which cannot be opened. Every player has their own experience in playing Minecraft and usually you will find various ways to fix it and you are able to try it one by one if they give you some methods to fix this issue.

When we tried to access Minecraft Forge Forum, there is a thread about it. Someone also found a problem where he could not open the Forge Installer. To solve this, he tried to uninstall Java completely and then he reinstalled it. He also tried to uninstall and reinstall JRE (Java Runtime Environment) separately from the regular Java program. Another thing that he did is moving the files from another computer. Changing file extensions and also a program called Jarfix as we explained earlier are also done by him. But, it did not help him. Another player suggested him to download the Windows Installer, not the plain Installer and he also suggested not to open the Java file by clicking it twice but open the Command Prompt and go to the file directory. After that, run the Java file through here. The , in the Command Prompt, you have to type: java -[YOUR JAVA FILE NAME] . jar [optional modifiers here].

Some others suggested him not to use the newest version of Java but use the old one but of course do not use the version which is too old. Well, you can try any methods to fix this issue. But, you may be able to try to restart your device and if it does not work, you can try to download Jarfix as we explained above because usually this method should be able to fix this issue.

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