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In Minecraft, you may be confused by many terms related to the game. Indeed, there are tons of odd terms that you can find when you’re playing Minecraft. However, if you are a newcomer of Minecraft, we guess that you will get any hard gameplay of Minecraft because of any odd terms.

One of odd terms that makes many players getting confused in Minecraft Ghost Client Mod. It is not strange if many Minecraft players are asked the questions about it on some forums such as Hypixel forum. Certainly, it can be a parameter that this term tribulates a lot of Minecraft players.

If we pay attention to the term, we can see that this is a mod client with unfair service and performance within. Of course, we can conclude when there is a “Ghost” word in the term. On the other word, it means a mod client which offers the ways to hack it.

What is a Minecraft Ghost Client Mod?

For more information, we get the definition of this term from anyone on Hypixel forum that says “Ghost client is a kind of client which has less extreme versions of hacked clients and a toggle-able interface. It also makes sure that it cannot be seen in screenshots. One the other hand, they are meant to be difficult to detect, but still can give the user massive advantages in PvP”.

Unfortunately, a ghost client cannot have anything that will make you look like a hacker, such as things like kill aura and anything that does the headsnaping thing. Furthermore, most of them have a triggerbot and an autoclicker (Not a very high number though, just slightly above average). It is a stealthy hacked client, which is doubtedly to use anti-cheat that cannot be detected.

To make you more understanding about Minecraft Ghost Client Mod, you definitely can watch any YouTube videos that explain about it. Here they are:

  • A video from blowsy entitled New Forge 1.8.9 Ghost Client Release [Raven b1].
  • A video from Exita2 entitled Top 3 Free Ghost Client 1.8.9 | Minecraft 2020.
  • A video from Exita2 entitled Top 5 Free Ghost Clients | Forge 1.8.9.

Where Can You Find Minecraft Ghost Client Mod?

Of course, there are some providers that offer Minecraft Ghost Client Mod from their services. Certainly, the services here will be different from each provider. Well, in this chance, we’ll show you one of trusted Minecraft Mod Ghost Clients which will give you the ghost client service.

We can find Minecraft ghost client mod from Vape. This is one of mod clients that offer the ghost client. From this client, you can get the ghost mod client with full services. It provides you with the best quality ghost features and gives you a distinct advantage all while remaining unnoticed.

At Vape client site, you will find two va­­riants of ghost mod client services. Of course, there are differences between both, they are:

Vape V4

  • It is undetectable.
  • It has internal GUI
  • It has more than 50 features
  • It has ghost features
  • It has blatant features
  • It is available at 1.7.10|1.8.9|1.12.2
  • The price of it is $34.99 and it is a one time purchase.

Vape Lite

  • It is undetectable.
  • It has external and internal GUI.
  • It has guaranteed screenshare proof.
  • It has essential ghost features.
  • It is available at 1.7.10|1.8|1.8.9|1.9.4|1.10.2|1.11|1.12|1.14.4.
  • The price of it is $9.99 per month.

You can visit the Vape Client at https://www.vape.gg/.

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