Minecraft How to Fly with Elytra

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In the world where you do not have wings to travel from a place to another, flying in video games definitely is something everyone wants to do. The dream to be able to fly and glide through the sky is wanted by many, just like the superhero movies like Superman. A lot of games give the chance to do that, including Minecraft.

Minecraft offers so many things to be explored and abilities that humans cannot do in real life, including flying. In this game, you are able to glide from one place to another by using elytra. Basically, elytra is a magical, rare wing in the game that is the sole source of flight in survival mode. In order to obtain elytra, you are able to look for it in the End cities in the item frame in the treasure room of the end ship. Please be careful when looting items as it is guarded by Shulker mobs.

After you have obtained the elytra from the End city in the survival mode, it will be available in your inventory. You will be able to see your character when opening the inventory menu with boxes that let you to change and put on armor.

To put on elytra in Minecraft, first of all, open your inventory. Then, move the elytra from your inventory to the second box from the top on the left side of your character. If you are not wearing any armor, the box will have an upper body icon. Once you drag it to the box, the icon will change to wings of elytra. After moving it from your inventory, you are able to see your character wearing something like a cape.

Once you have put on the elytra on your character, it is time for you to glide around. Actually, you do not really fly using this item but rather glide through the air at the very fast speed. You have to go to a high place such as the top of a mountain or building to start the process. After you have reached that top place, run off the side of the place. To open the elytra, the game control is different on each version of Minecraft.

You may want to walk fast before gliding so you will not tumble down and fall before the elytra opens. Please press the run button when you are running off the high place. Aside from that, you will also glide farther if you run fast. Please be careful while flying. Do not hit an object in front of you and hurt yourself. You are able to steer around like you normally do.

To be more careful, you can rocket propel the elytra by combining your elytra and a firework rocket when flying. This one will make you glide even faster. In addition, you are also able to repair your elytra if it is damaged by either mending enchantment, combining two elytra in a grindstone, or combining it in an anvil with phantom membranes.

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