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If you are a veteran Minecraft player, you definitely know of one of popular gaming YouTubers named iBallisticsquid. Indeed, he is so famous among Minecraft players. Known, he always shares his gameplay on his YouTube channel. So, know more about him below!

About iBallisticsquid

iBallisticsquid is a Minecraft Youtuber with the original name of David Spencer. He was born on January 29, 1992. He comes from Yorkshire, England. Which makes him so popular is because he does not hesitate to collaborate with other Youtubers such as Stampy.

iBallisticsquid is well-known for his funny humor and spirit that you can see on his videos. So, it does not wonder if he is adored by a lot of fans worldwide. He shares his gameplay of Minecraft on his official YouTube channel named iBallisticsquid. His YouTube channel has more than 4.16 million subscribers. The total views of his Youtube channel is more than 2 billion. It is known that he joined Youtube on March 10th, 2011.

Ballisticsquid Texture Pack

At least there are two popular Minecraft texture packs of iBallisticsquid. Of course you can find iBallisticsquid’s texture packs from his video on YouTube. Many people really know him through his Minecraft texture pack. If you see his YouTube channel, you definitely will find that he showed about his Minecraft texture pack. Indeed, he created the Minecraft texture pack in some themes.

Here are Minecraft iBallisticsquid texture packs:

  • Halloween Texture Pack

One of his texture packs that you can find on his video is Halloween Texture Pack. In his video, you can see that he showed the texture pack related to Hallowen theme in quick build. He definitely built the Halloween stuff in the plastic texture pack. Then, he built a castle on the doll house with the new texture pack plastic.

Indeed, the Halloween texture pack is brand new with pretty awesome to use. This texture pack also presents a zombie cloth which looks funny with a hat on and like a mask as you can see.

In this texture pack, he also changed the texture on the mobs looking a little sheepish which has been mummified. The Halloween texture pack definitely shows a quick look at all these fantastical blocks. In this texture, the ice is all purple and stuff like that there’s loads of nice paintings and pictures, even the flowers.

Watch his video on YouTube entitled Minecraft Xbox – Quick Build – Halloween Texture Pack at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw7DGaHhkaw.

  • Sphax PureBDCraft Texture Pack

This is another his texture pack that he created. This pack is available in a variety of resolutions. It can also support a number of popular Minecraft mods. Well, the video of UnspeakableGaming Youtube channel, this texture pack is one of the top 5 Minecraft texture packs.

This texture pack focuses a lot on giving a shiny and pretty design with a clear predominance of yellowness over every texture and block. It also makes it so strong that even the usual cobblestone and the derivatives have marked that color. Well, If you use the more 3D items add-on, you will be able to get improved 3D models for items such as swords, axes, arrows and many more.

Those are two popular Minecraft iBallisticsquid texture packs. Are you interested to use his texture pack too?

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