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Minecraft Pixelmon servers are based on a 3 party modification and it is the Minecraft version of the TV series Pokemon. In the Pixelmon, there are a lot of things that you are able to find including show, more than 200 Pokemon, battling and gym badges.

One of the fun features here is that you are able to catch Pokemon in a 3D poke ball and even you are able to see the unique attributes of Pokemon which consist of damage, habits, armor and aggression.

According to the Minecraft Server List, there are a number of Minecraft Pixelmon Servers, some of them are listed below.

  • GRM Pixelmon

The address is grmpixelmon.com

  • Pixelmon Reforged Server

The address is hub.mc-complex.com

  • DestinyMC °Pokemon °Survival °Skyblock °Towny °Prison °Pixelmon

The address is play.thedestinymc.com

  • Pokecentral

The address is pokecentral.org

  • Minecraft Pokemon | Pixelmon Servers | OP Skyblock server

The address is play.mc-blaze.com

The question is, what pixelmon servers are compatible with Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)? According to the comments in the Pixelmonmod.com exactly in the Minecraft Pocket Edition discussion, it is written that non Java versions of the game are very different on the inside and they are not able to run Forge mods like Pixelmon. So, if you want to use Pixelmon servers, you need the Java version and it is only available on PCs.

If you want to play Minecraft PE and now you need the servers for it, here are some of the Minecraft PE servers that you are able to use.

  • Hybrid County

The address is play.hybridcounty.com:19132. Here, you are able to find the best competitive factions experience Minecraft has ever seen with custom features which are unique.

  • NetherGames Network

The address is play.nethergames.org:19132. It is a community-based Minecraft Bedrock Edition server network which is friendly. It offers games like Creative Plots, Bedwars, Factions, Duels, Murder Mystery, SkyWars and Skyblock.

  • FallenTech PE | Skyblock | Factions | PvP server

The address is play.fallentech.io:19132. If you want to know more about this server, you are able to join the Discord server of FallenTech Network which now has more than 10k members.

  • Hyperlands

The address is play.hyperlandsmc.net:19132. It is a minigame server for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It offers a unique experience for games like bedwars, skywars, thebridge, duels and uhc meetup.

  • Cosmic PE

The address is play.cosmicpe.me:19132. With Cosmic PE, you are able to have a lot of custom enchantments and enchantment books that can help you in dealing with your enemies better. You can also enhance your gameplay experience.

If you want to know more about Minecraft PE servers and also Minecraft Pixelmon Server Address, you are able to read the other resources and you can also come to a forum to find information about it. You are also able to watch some videos about Pixelmon on Youtube such as a video of aDrive entitled My New Pixelmon Server! How to Join and Play Pixelmon, a video of MooseMods entitled How To Install Pixelmon 7.2.2 and Join Poketown Minecraft Server! (Pokemon Mod), a video of Subscribe entitled Minecraft: Pixelmon – A New Pixelmon Server! Gen 8 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod) and many more.

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