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Minecraft Terminator might be used to call the name of a Minecraft plugin named Terminator plugin. This plugin was created by the creator called Dream. This one makes someone a terminator. If you use this, you will not be able to die, have some infinity items and blocks. The weakness is that you will face some mobs that will keep attacking you.

Terminator plugin refers to the one plugin that is able to be used to open any file with its default application with just a single Ctrl click. For those who want to install this plugin, please follow these instructions. First of all, you have to create the plugins folder if it does not exist. If you are on Linux, you can just type in mkdir -p ~/.config/terminator/plugins and then copy the plugin file to the plugins folder. In Terminator plugins, please go to Preferences > > Plugins and enable OpenAnyFilePlugin. Once you have followed all the steps, you have to restart your Terminator plugin. In the end, enjoy the plugins called Terminator plugins.

There are a few commands of Terminator plugins that you may want to know. Some of the commands include:

  • /terminator add <name>
  • /terminator remove <name>

In his video, Dream stated that he was using an impact thing in another Minecraft account. If you want to download the impact, you have to open Audio Tool, Audio Weapon, Kill Aura, remember to make the Kill Aura more realistic. Another thing to remember is to go to spigot.yml file on your server and make the player tracking 500. The last thing is to run some commands.

Apart from that, there is also another command related to the Terminator plugin, which is:

/summon Skeleton ~0 ~1 ~0 {HandItems: [{id: bow, tag: {Unbreakable:1, ench: [{id: 51, lvl: 1}, {id: 70, lvl: 1}, {id: 48, lvl: 4}, {id: 49, lvl: 2}]}}, {id: diamond_sword, tag: {ench: [{id: 18, lvl: 5}, {id: 20, lvl: 2}, {id: 19, lvl: 2}, {id: 21, lvl: 3}, {id: 70, lvl: 1}, {id: 16, lvl: 5}, {id: 17, lvl: 5}, {id: 34, lvl: 3}]}}], ArmorItems: [{id: leather_boots, tag: {Unbreakable: 1, display: {color: 0}, ench: [{id: 3, lvl: 3}, {id: 8, lvl: 2}, {id: 2, lvl: 4}, {id: 1, lvl: 4}, {id: 9, lvl: 2}, {id: 70, lvl: 1}, {id: 4, lvl: 4}, {id: 0, lvl: 4}, {id: 7, lvl: 3}, {id: 34, lvl: 3}]}}, {id: diamond_leggings, tag: {Unbreakable: 1, ench: [{id: 3, lvl: 4}, {id: 1, lvl: 4}, {id: 70, lvl: 1}, {id: 4, lvl: 4}, {id: 0, lvl: 4}, {id: 7, lvl: 2}, {id: 34, lvl: 3}]}}, {id: diamond_chestplate, tag: {Unbreakable: 1, ench: [{id: 3, lvl: 4}, {id: 1, lvl: 4}, {id: 70, lvl: 1}, {id: 4, lvl: 4}, {id: 0, lvl: 4}, {id: 7, lvl: 3}, {id: 34, lvl: 3}]}}, {id: skull, Damage: 3, tag: {SkullOwner: MHF_Herobrine}}], CustomName: Terminator T800, CustomNameVisible: 1, Attributes: [{Name: generic.maxHealth, Base: 999}, {Name: generic.movementSpeed, Base: 0.3}, {Name: generic.attackDamage, Base: 500}, {Name: generic.followRange, Base: 500}, {Name: generic.knockbackResistance, Base: 998}], ActiveEffects: [{Id: 12, Amplifier: 1, Duration: 999999}, {Id: 16, Amplifier: 1, Duration: 999999}, {Id: 11, Amplifier: 1, Duration: 999999}, {Id: 5, Amplifier: 1, Duration: 999999}], NoAI: 1, CanPickUpLoot: 1, Health: 999.0f}

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