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Since you are playing Minecraft, you probably often look for any Minecraft mods from a certain provider. Of course, you will choose a trusted provider to get the best mod. In fact, the trusted provider will give you the best of the best Minecraft mods. So, what is a mod provider that you often choose?

As a veteran Minecraft player, you may be already familiar with the mod provider site named CurseForge. Indeed, at this site, there are tons of Minecraft mods that you can download. Then, this provider totally allows you to filter any kinds of mods before you choose. The goal is to give you satisfaction in choosing a Minecraft mod.

What is one of the best mods that you can download at CurseForge?

At the site of CurseForge, you will find one of the best mods named the Aether. Indeed, this mod came with some versions in which each version may have different features and changes for the game. Certainly, knowing what features and changes come to each version is really a must for you.

Well, in this chance, we are going to focus on explaining a version, that’s Aether Mod 1.12.2. Known, this mod version adds many features and changes to the game so that your world has a better performance and more gorgeous look.

Aether is a dimension high in the sky which is composed of floating islands. To swarm this place, you totally have to get access through a Glowstone portal. Then, begin a new survival adventure packed with new ores, perilous Dungeons and mythical creatures.

In this place, all you have to do is to build a Glowstone frame and add water to light the mystical portal. Then, step in, you automatically will be transported to the luscious hostile paradise known as the Aether.

The Aether is also well-known as a whole new adventure which is full of fantastic creatures, mysterious Dungeons and powerful materials. Of course, before you decide to get this mod, you may want to know what features are available in this mod. So, here are they:

Features and Changes of Aether Mod

Additional features:

  • Eternal day can be toggled in the mod config (intended to be used by modpack creators).
  • Darts can now be shot from dispensers.
  • Cockatrices will fight back if attacked by other mobs.
  • The skin layer that gloves render on can be toggled with a config option.
  • The Slider will be given a name and a reset point when spawned with /summon.
  • Enchanter and Freezer recipes can now be removed with CraftTweaker.

Additional Changes:

  • Skyroot Beds can be crafted with all wool colors.
  • Skyroot Beds now have a 3D item model to be consistent with vanilla.
  • The config option to toggle between Golden Feathers and Valkyrie Capes in loot has been split into two config options to allow for toggling them separately.
  • Gold Dungeons should be slightly more common.
  • Removed a damage limit in the Slider class.
  • Accessories are now dropped with LivingDropsEvent, this should allow for compatibility to be made with graves mods.
  • Zephyr snowball lifetime has been reduced.
  • Hammer projectile lifetime has been reduced.
  • Mob spawn rates have been tweaked so Aechor Plants should be more common and Zephyrs should spawn less.
  • Tweaked the Lightning Knife and Lightning Sword lore entries to account for an inaccuracy.

Download Minecraft the Aether Mod 1.12.2 at CurseForge at: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether/download/3055728.

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