Minecraft Villager Jobs List

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In Minecraft, villagers refer to humanoid passive mobs that spawn in villages and igloo basements. There are a few types of them in the game. The texture of them will change depending on their job and biome the village is located in.

There are currently five kinds of villages, which include plains, desert, savanna, taiga villages, and snowy tundra. How is the appearance of the villagers? Every one of them has a presence that matches their job. For instance, librarians have a book on the top of their heads and farmers wear straw hats. There are also some unemployed ones who will wear the default clothing of the village’s biome, without any additional work outfit, nitwits have a green robe in the style of the village’s biome. They have distinctly long noses, green eyes, and have their arms crossed over their chests. Almost all of them have headgear of some kind.

As of now, there are currently 15 jobs in Minecraft and the required job site block they have to get the said job. Here is the complete list of the Minecraft villagers jobs:

  1. Armorer _ Blash Furnace
  2. Butcher – Smoker
  3. Cartographer – Cartography Table
  4. Clenic – Brewing Stand
  5. Farmer – Composter
  6. Fisherman – Barrel
  7. Fletcher – Fletching Table
  8. Leatherworker – Cauldron
  9. Librarian – Lectern
  10. Stone Mason or Mason – Stonecutter
  11. Nitwit – N/A (No job assigned)
  12. Shepherd – Loom
  13. Tooolsmith – Smithing Table
  14. Unemployed – N/A (No job assigned)
  15. Weaponsmith – Grindstone
  16. All Villagers and Trades

Each villager will spawn in their respective buildings depending on their job. Trading with the other villagers will fill their rank bar. When the bar of the villager is filled, then happy particles or green particles and the particles that look like purple bubbles will show up and the villager will unlock more of its items to exchange for. Every villager with every profession trades different things. A few of them do not trade at all unless they were given a job by using a type of profession site block (if it is unemployed), or unless the villager in the trading system of the question has been maxed out by trading with the villager enough to rank it up to the max level called Master level. The unemployed ones will wander the villager looking for a profession site block to claim. The profession site block is able to be anywhere in the village, as long as it is unobstructed and unclaimed.

Those whose job site block has been damaged will lose their job unless they have been traded with before. In this case, they will keep their job, but angry or orangish-red particles will show up on their heads, and they will wander the village, just like the unemployed ones, searching for their corresponding job site block. For instance, a farmer who has been traded with before will lose his job if his composter is destroyed, and he will have to wander to look for the unclaimed composter.

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