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Woodland mansions are special structures that are found in dark forests and their hill variants. They are highly anticipated to explore because they are inhabited by Vindicators and evokers, and one of occasions whereby a totem of undying can be earned. This makes Woodland mansions a nice place to go before fighting bosses.

Typically Woodland mansions generate extremely far from the spawn point, often appearing tens of thousands of blocks away. They are able to be located with Woodland explorer maps that are obtained from cartographer villagers, but they may not always point to the nearest one. Also, Woodland mansions may be tracked down with the /locate mansion command enabled by cheats. Even a dark forest biome with a woodland mansion is rarer than a mushroom fields biome. If a Woodland mansion were to generate in a dark forest hills biome, it can be rarer than a modified jungle edge biome. Like most randomly generated structures, Woodland mansions will be able to be found more frequently in a world using the Large Biomes world type. This is due to them requiring 32 blocks of dark forest surrounding the center point of the structure generation.


Vindicators are the illagers equipped with iron axes.


On normal and hard difficulty, sometimes the Vindicators spawn with a randomly enchanted iron axe. The chance is 0-25%, with the chance being higher once the regional difficulty is higher.


The Vindicators spawn during the generation of the Mansions inside specific rooms. Several rooms contain 1, others contain 3, some contain 2 accompanied by an Evoker, and some can rarely spawn in the corridors. They do not respawn after initially spawning. Actually, the Vindicators generated with Mansions do not despawn naturally, unless the world is switched to Peaceful difficulty.

Based on the research, Vindicators have 24 HP, slightly higher than most other mobs. However, they hit hard, dealing a total of 19 damage on Hard difficulty. Even, they deal much higher if the axe is enchanted with sharpness. Their fighting style is the most simplistic out of all Illagers, they easily pull out an axe and try to run up to the player and hit them.

  • It is advised to attack them with a sword and a shield. But, it is impossible to defend damage from an axe using a shield because they are able to disable shields. For your information, this is only for Java Edition.
  • Quickly attack them until they die.
  • They are able to drop emeralds and have a chance of dropping their axe as well.
  • However, if renamed to “Johnny”, they are going to attack any mob in sight, creating them useful for mob farms(It is highly recommended).
  • You are able to shoot them from a distance (It is highly recommended).
  • Lure a creeper toward them, and let it explode the vindicators. You have to ensure that you get a safe distance from the creeper, so as not to get blown up.

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