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For those who want to get unbanned, you are able to convey your case to the people in charge politely. This kind of thing is called ban appeal. On MineSuperior, of course you are also able to do this.

You need to contact the server in order to ban appeal. The first thing that you can do to contact the server is to find the site of the server. Sometimes, signing into the server is going to display a screen which informs you where you will be able to appeal your ban. Otherwise, you are able to browse for Minecraft and the name of the server that often lead to the site and forums of the server.

If this does not work, please ask the community. You also need to know the rules. it may like you were banned as someone reported you for breaking a server rule. So, you have to find the rules of the server on the website. Make sure that you read them all to find out whether you broke them. You will be able to argue your case more effectively if you understand the rules.

Now, you are able to look for the instructions on the forums. Simply, you are able to search the forums for Ban Appeals. It is very important for you to read any posts created by admin in the threads. Usually, those include format instructions that should be strictly followed. Afterwards, you have to track down the server operators. If you cannot find any unban request instructions or ban appeals, you are able to look for the contact information for server operators. Those are known as administrators, moderators or Ops.

You have to follow the instructions to the letter for increasing the chances of a response. Please write in complete sentences. You also need to ensure that you use the best grammar, and punctuation. Remember that Admin is more likely to take requests seriously once you are well-written. Also, you need to explain what happened politely. You do not make excuses and do not forget to apologize for your actions. If you break a rule, you have to admit and apologize. If you offended another player, you have to send an apology to him/her.

After you have contacted the server, now, time for you to convince the server to unban you. To do that, you are able to share a screenshot or screen recording (if you have any of them showing what happened). After that, you have to make a deal. If you are good at negotiation, it is very easy. You will be able to try helping others work on their projects, staying out of certain areas, trading only low value items, avoiding conversation with some players, and compensating other players for damaged property. The next step that you have to do is only wait for a response. Please stay polite if they deny your request. For this case, you are able to wait at least two weeks before trying another ban appeal.

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