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For those who want to know the information about how to create a chest shop, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to talk about that. Make sure you will not miss any information.


To start, place a chest (or double chest) in the location you wish to have your chest shop, please shift and right click on the chest while holding a sign to put a sign on the chest and edit the sign.

The first line is where you put your IGN in game name, just type your name on the sign and then you are able to press enter to go to the next line. If your IGN is too long to fit on the sign, type as much as you can, the server is going to detect it’s name. The first line is not Case Sensitive either, it means that you will be able to put capital letters wherever you want in your name. It will solve it properly and show your name with the proper capitals.

The second line is where you put the amount you are selling. You need to type the number using numerical characters (not words). This number refers to the number the player is going to buy or sell at a time (not the amount of items in the chest).

The third line is where you put the price of the items you are selling or buying. This is able to get complicated so we will try to explain as best as we can. The first thing that you need to know is how to sell and how to buy the items, start off with a B or an S. These 2 letters determine if you are selling items or if you are buying the items, the B tells the person coming to your shop that they are buying the item in the chest, and the S tells them that they are selling you the items.

The next step is the pricing for your item(s). To do this you are able to use the ‘E-system’. The E-system is easy to use and understand, but it can be confusing to some so we are going to explain it as best as I can. Basically it works like the scientific notation, where 1,000,000 can be written as 1×10^6 except that you replace ‘x10^’ with ‘E’ so that you get 1E6. This tells the shop that it is 1 million dollars, in the end you should have either B1E6 or S1E6, as I explained before this can also be written with a lowercase e.

The fourth line is where you put the item’s name. This is very easy so we are going to go through it very quickly. Simply, you are able to put the item’s name on this line. If the item’s name is too long or if you like IDs better than use the item’s ID, the ID is found while holding the item in your hand and typing , use the exact ID.

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