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MineSuperior is one of the servers that you are able to use for playing Minecraft. Of course, if you want to play on this server, you need to know the server address of MineSuperior. What is the server address of MineSuperior? Here, we will inform you so that you will be able to play on that server.

MineSuperior is a Minecraft server with ongoing events and competitions and constantly adding new features. In this server, there are a lot of server types including Creative, Prison, Factions, Skyblock, Towny, Mcmmo and OPTowny. MineSuperior is part of the next generation of networks and it is designed to be for the players. This server always adds new ideas constantly and also it is designed to be transparent.

What is the server IP address of MineSuperior? The server IP address is play.minesuperior.com. Do you want to join this server? If you want to join MineSuperior server, you have to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do to join MineSuperior server is that you have to open the game Minecraft.
  • You have to click on the Play button.
  • And then, you need to select the Multiplayer option from the menu.
  • In this step, you have to click the Add Server tab.
  • On the Server Address, you have to input the text play.minesuperior.com and then do not forget to hit the Done button.
  • If the connection is available and turns green, you may be able to click on the Join Server button so that you are able to play on Minesuperior.

As you are able to see from the steps above that joining MineSuperior server is very easy. If you are afraid that you will make a mistake when you join a MineSuperior server, you are able to join the server while reading the steps above. Alternatively, you are able to watch some videos about joining MineSuperior server. One of the videos that you are able to watch is a video of MiniBeans entitled Minecraft MineSuperior Server IP Address which was uploaded on September 17th, 2019. The duration of this video is 1 minute and 15 seconds. When this article was being created, this video has been watched 2157 times with 24 likes. So, you are able to watch this video if you prefer a tutorial in the form of videos.

You may also wonder about the version which MineSuperior uses. Well, MineSuperior server can support Minecraft game version 1.16. However, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play. Then, do you want to know where MineSuperior is located? The server of MineSuperior is now located in the United States.

If you have never used MineSuperior server, you are able to try to use it now. If you enjoy it and you think it is fun using this server, you are able to continue using it. If you need more information about MineSuperior, you are able to access the MineSuperior Forums that you are able to access at minesuperior.com. When you are on that site, you can go to the Forums section and find information that you need there.

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