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We all know that MineSuperior is part of the next generation of networks. It is designed for the players. Also, designed to be transparent. MineSuperior always adds new ideas. Apparently, there are some features of MineSuperior such as Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Towny, Creative, Prison, and KitPVP.

If you are fans of the MineSuperior server, you may want to vote for it as the best server in Minecraft. After you give a vote, it is going to let MineSuperior achieve a higher spot in server ranking lists and attract more players. You are able to vote on all of the voting sites. For your information, there are some sites that offer you to vote for MineSuperior. Here is a list of those sites and how to vote for MineSuperior:

  • Minecraft-mp.com

You have to know that the votes in Minecraft-mp.com will reset each month. In this case, you will be able to vote a server once per day. If you want to fill automatically the username on your vote page, so you are able to send the parameter username=xxxx in Get or Post.

  • Minecraft-server.net

For those who want to vote for MineSuperior in Minecraft-server.net, the first thing that you have to do is to enter your Minecraft username in order to get in-game rewards. Then, you are able to rate the server in order to vote. You will be able to pick between .5 and 5 starts.

  • MinecraftServers.org.

MinecraftServers.org is a multiplayer server for Minecraft which ranks servers by user votes. If you want to vote for MineSuperior on this website, you are able to visit the page of the server. Then, you are able to click the green Vote button. After that, you will be asked to submit a Captcha for security reasons. Do not forget to enter your username to show up on the top voters list. Usually, you are allowed to vote for a maximum of one different server each day.

  • Topg.org

It is easy to vote for MineSuperior in Topg.org. To do that, you only need to enter your Minecraft username. After you have entered it, you are able to click on the green Submit your vote button. By entering the form, it means that you agree with the storage of your data.

  • Minecraft-server-list.com

We get information that Minecraft-server-list.com is a good place that can help you to find good multiplayer servers for playing Minecraft online with other players from around the world. Based on the research, it was made by Claus Heinrich at Koala Designs back in 2011 derived from his Minecraft server. Also, this website also requires you to submit your Minecraft username to vote.

  • Topminecraftservers.org

Lots of people said that Topminecraftservers.org is a Minecraft server designed to help the owners of the servers to increase their player base by creating it easier for those who are looking for Minecraft servers to find their server. Just like most of the websites mentioned above, this site also requires you to submit your Minecraft username to vote a server like MineSuperior server.

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