Missing String Table Entry Valorant

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As you know that Valorant is a new game. So, it is natural if sometimes you find some issues with it. Even an old game can also experience an error. So, during you are playing Valorant, what kind of error do you face? Do you find missing string table entry? Then, what to do if we face this kind of problem?

If you experience an issue in Valorant game where you find a message saying ‘missing string table entry’, you do not have to be too worried since you are not alone. There are some players who also experience this issue as you are able to check in the Twitter account of Valorant @PlayVALORANT. Some players complain about this issue on a post about patch 1.01.

So, what can we do if we face this issue? First, you can try some basic solutions which may be able to help you to fix this issue. You are able to log out and then login again to the game.  If this method cannot help you, then you are able to try to restart your device. If you play it on PC, you are able to restart your PC and then try to play the game again to see whether the issue is still there or not.

How if the basic methods above cannot help? There are some gaming forums or you can specifically visit Valorant forum. There, you are able to ask other player about this issue and ask them how to fix it. Are you still sad because you cannot find the method to fix this problem? You are able to contact Valorant team about it. You can try to contact them on Twitter @PlayVALORANT or @RiotSupport and tell them the problem that you are facing. Alternatively, you can contact the Valorant team through the website of Riot Games. There, you have to access the Support section.

If you are facing other error in Valorant, you are able to see the code of the error and then find the solution in the Support section of Riot games site. There, you are able to find the solution of each error code that you are facing in Valorant. Some of them are as listed below.

  • Error code 4 means that your display name is invalid. There is something which seems to be wrong with your Riot ID so that you are able to change it.
  • Error code 5 means that account was logged into elsewhere. The solution is to log out from all devices.
  • Error code 29 means that it is a network issue. You have to make sure that Valorant is permitted past your firewall. On Win10, you are able to hit Start and then type ‘allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Then, you can check the status of Valorant in the list.

You are able to check the complete list of error code in the Support section in the Riot Games site. And hopefully, you are able to fix the issue that you are facing in the Valorant game.

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