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If you are a gamer or maybe just a person who enjoys watching game tournaments, you may have been waiting for the PopFlash Valorant Tournament. If you really want to watch this tournament, then you may want to know where it will take place, when and also who are the players who will compete in this tournament. Even, you also wonder who is the winner of the tournament.

Well, the grand finals of the Pop Flash Tournament was held on August 30th, 2020. So, if you read this article after that day, then you have skipped the event. But, do not be sad because here we will inform you how it took place.

The pro teams which are in the tournament are Immortales, Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Team Envy, T1, Gen.G, Sentinels and Dignitas. Gen.G and Team SoloMid were knocked out in the group stages. Both of these groups were rated highly before the tournament started. So, the groups which advanced to the playoffs are Cloud9, Team Envy, Sentinels and Dignitas. Dignitas was decimated already by Sentinels and was knocked down to the loser’ bracket.

How about the prize pool of this tournament. This information is one of the things that everyone may wonder. The full prize pool for this tournament is $50,000 with first place taking $25,000. Then, the second place takes $15,000 and the third takes $7,500. How about the fourth place? The fourth place will take the last bit of money at $2,500.

The format of this Pop Flash tournament can be seen below.

Group Stage (4 groups of 4 teams) :

  • Dual tournament (Format GSL)
  • Matches are best of three
  • Winner of Upper Bracket and Winner of Losers’ have to go to playoffs

Playoffs :

  • 4 Teams Double Elimination Bracket
  • Winner Bracket are best of three
  • Loser Bracket are best of three
  • Grand Final is best of five

This Valorant Pop Flash Tournament can be watched on Youtube or Twitch. And the maps used in the game are Ascent, Haven, Bind and Split.

For your information, Pop Flash is a tournament which is hosted by B-Site and Flash Point. It is produced in conjunction with FACEIT which is the 4th and final event of the IGNITION SERIES in North America. This event was started on August 26th, 2020 to August 30th, 2020.

Do you want to know who the winner of this tournament is? Well, the winner or the first place of this tournament is Sentinels. So, they got half of the prize namely $25,000. Then, in second place, there is Envy which got 30% of the prize namely $15,000. Cloud9 must be satisfied in the third place with $7,500 which is 15% of the prize. And Dignitas is in fourth place and got 5% of the prize namely $2,500.

Who are in the fifth place to the eighth place? Well, in the fifth place, there is Immortals and in the sixth place, there is Team SoloMid. T1 is in the seventh place and Gen.G is in the eighth place.

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