Popularity Continued to Soar, Suddenly Valorant Was Bombarded With Negative Reviews on Metacritic

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The game named Valorant officially released to the public after being in closed beta for almost two months. Despite the hype surrounding the game and its record breaking the viewership of Twitch, it has not been received so well by the users on Metacritic.

After the first day of Valroant, it currently has a 4.6 out of 10 user score. Here is what the users of Metacritic are saying about the first attempt of Riot Games at a shooter and why the game might be scoring so low.

What the users of Metacritic think of Valorant? The most honest negative reviews on Metacritic seem to think that Valroant is a fine game but lacks the polish and detail of the other AAA titles. Aside from that, there are a lot of people who also seem to think that it is a cheap rip off Counter Strike Global Offensive of CS: GO.

It could certainly make the case that the game called Valorant shares a lot of similarities to Counter Strike, and there is no doubt that it could use some more polish. It does not warrant giving the game a 0 out of 10, however.

The sad news is that users reviews on Metacritic are not always reliable. A few people give Valorant a 0 out of 10 with no reason other than they do not personally like it, oftentimes never having even played it. The thing is known as review bombing. These kinds of reviews do not tell anything about the game and are generally unhelpful. You can take these with a grain of salt and realize that a lot of these reviews are left by people who have no firsthand experience with it.

Valorant has always been a unique case. On its face, this one appears leser targeted at Counter Strike Global Offensive followers, and that might create some of the issues. The competitive FPS fan bases can be toxic, intense, and tight knit, and the negative reviews refer to Valorant as the clone of CS: GO. The game actually does not take all that a lot of people to review bomb a game, there are currently only 167 user reviews dragging things down. It is that hard to imagine even a loose effort producing a result like this.

Should the creator of Valorant called Riot Games be concerned? Riot should not be concerned in the slightest by negative user scores. In fact, users have review-bombed League of Legends for years, and the game still remains as one of the most popular esports.

Valorant will undoubtedly go on to be a successful sport like League of Legends. It is definitely just starting out. A lot of players from the other popular esports have already jumped ship, and tournaments for the game are already cropping up. Please make sure to check out the game for yourself before jumping to a conclusion, believing the reviews that might be biased.

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