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The Reaver Collection was known as one of the first bundles made available in the closed beta. This one has a deep purple and gold theme. It showed players that skins will not simply change the colors of the gun, but add more vast cosmetic changes. For instance, the Reaver Vandal and Reaver Operator have significant cosmetic changes when aiming down sight.

  1. The Reaver Knife will always be special because it was the first one to show that melee skins will have different pullout animations. This one stays with the reaver theme of big and in your face. It is a big golden blade with nice purple handles.
  2. The Reaver Sheriff shows that Riot Games plans to have skins that make heavy modifications to the base model. With a royale purple and gold color scheme and a lot of point edges, it brings dome band aids.
  3. The Reaver Vandal has a purple and gold theme with tons of fanged edges. This one has a special ADS reticle as well as some other special features this skin introduced such as player kill animations.
  4. The Reaver Operator Level 1 has some noticeable changes over the base model. This Level 1 matches the purple theme of Reaver while the Level 5 is an evil black and red theme. As for the ADS while zoomed, it is quite different on this beast.

How much does The Reaver Collection cost? The Reaver Collection is able to be obtained for 5,325 Valorant Points. There are currently 4 skins in the collection, and three of them are able to be evolved with Radianite Points. The three different levels are able to be unlocked for 10 Radianite Points. Every individual Reaver skin costs 1,775 Valorant Points. The only exception is called the Tactical Knife, which costs 3,550.

Some people have complained about the price of the Valorant skins. Many of them said that they are too expensive. Actually, there is no doubt that some of the skins are quite expensive. The largest point of contention so far seems to be the Prime Skin bundle. This one includes five skins for 7100 Valorant Points. Different point bundles are available, but usually 1000 Valorant Points cost around $10. It makes the bundle worth at least $70.

It is a lot of money but when you break it down things sound more reasonable. $70 for five skins gives you an average of $14 per skin. If you compare to the cosmetics in the other popular games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, or Rainbow Six Siege, that seems entirely reasonable. In the Dota 2 world, a lot of people are fine spending $30 on an arcana skin.

Apparently, these skins are available individually, with the bundle giving you a decent saving, but even then prices remain in line with what you would expect to see in the other games. Basically, the high price of the bundle puts people off but they are actually reasonably priced.

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