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You may want to play Minecraft on PS4, then it asks you to sign in to your Microsoft account. After you sign into Microsoft account, you have to enter a code. In this case, you are probably confused about how to enter the code and where you should enter the code?

However, it will make you a bit confused when you first have to sign into your Microsoft account even to put the code. But, you do not have to worry because we are here to inform you about it.

Well, if you have a Microsoft account, first thing first you need to make sure that you use it which is associated with your Playstation Network account. In this case, you have to know that it is not to be undone. It means that you cannot link another Microsoft account to your Playstation 4 account.

When you want to play Minecraft, on the home screen, you will find a Microsoft account sign in. Then, you have to click on Sign in with your Microsoft account. You automatically will be directed into a screen that provides you with a unique 8-digit code. It will instruct you to go to In this step, you need to complete your sign in by following the steps on the site until you will be asked to enter the code.

When you must enter the code in the connect page, you must not be sad or confused because the code is totally available.

Remoteconnect makes many people have problems with it. As a pro Minecraft player, you may be active on some forums related to the gaming topic. Of course, you will find there are many people which feel complicated with this problem. Why does it happen?

One of the causes why many people have any problem with remoteconnect is when someone tries to play cross platform with his PC and PS4. Then, his friend made a Microsoft account and tried to sign in on PS4 with it. Then, he was given a 8 digit code that his brother skipped over.

But, they cannot get the code again or get the access to a new code to link his accounts. Furthermore, they cannot play Minecraft online as well. The issues totally lead them to contact both Ps4 and Microsoft support. Moreover, both of them told him that it is not the fault of PS4 and Microsoft. So, they cannot do anything about it. If you also get this issue, we suggest that you have to contact Mojang or others.

\To solve this issue, there are many people who recommend anyone to exit the game, then reboot the console. After that, try to open it again. Of course, there will be pop up when it does. So, the players have to use the link of to get access to his specific account.

However, it is so important to know that if a Microsoft account has been linked to a PS4 Network account. It cannot be unliked without loss of access to entitlements and Mine Coins on other platforms.

That’s our explanation related to remoteconnectPS$ Microsoft Account.

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