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Riot Games has introduced a range of new content and features to Valorant after successfully launching the first person shooter game on June 2. Aside from the Spike Rush and the new map Ascent, they have also added a new character in the game named Reyna. Who is Reyna?

Reyna is the name of the latest Mexican agent in the game called Valorant who is able to be quite useful especially in aggressive roles. She is the first agent to be introduced since closed beta and the eleventh agent in the game. This one is the woman features some excellent 1v5 clutching abilities.

Reyna, the Mexican agent, has a purple theme overall and excels at trading kills. She has four abilities in total.

The first one is Dismiss. Reyna is able to consume a SoulOrb and become intangible for a short period of time if her empress ability is active. The thing essentially means she will not have any vulnerability to enemy attacks for a limited period,however, it will also prevent her from shooting back at her opponents. When she uses this ability, she levitates in a transparent purple silhouette.

The second one is Devour. As Reyna takes down the enemies,they leave a soul Orb near their dead bodies that lasts for about three seconds. When this one consumes the Soul Orb, it will allow quick healing and help her regain her health. Once the HP Of her is full, the healing power gets transformed into a healtharmour.In case her empress is still active, the ability gets cast automatically, wherein the agent would not have to take the soul orb.

The third one is Leer (signature ability). The woman known as Reyna equips an ethereal destructive eye. She is able to cast an orb that makes her opponents nearsighted if they look at her. The impact of it may remain for a couple of seconds after it is thrown.however, if opponents are able to shoot and destroy the orb.

The fourth one is Empress (ult ability). With the help of empressor ult ability, Reyna enters into a frenzy which gives her higher firing speed. Aside from that, it also increases her equipment and reload speed. If she gets a kill, the duration of the ability also gets renewed. And in case it is still active,then a Devour gets cast automatically on killing an opponent without consuming the orb. In addition, an active Empress also makes her invisible for a short is able to be especially useful when you want to catch the opponent off guard by changing the location.

Basically,if you choose to try out Reyna,you should mainly focus on getting the most kills to be able to capitalize on her abilities.for when you manage to get the max kills,this one will transform into one of the most powerful agents in the game.

For more information about the ability of Reyna, it is better for you to visit the official website of Riot Games as well as the community of Valorant, the place is full of information.

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