Shroud Calls Valorant an ‘Extraordinary Game’

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Valorant of Riot Games is still in its closed beta stage, yet it has broken records here and there. It is fine to say that the new 5v5 shooter is raging across the online gaming community. The former pro player of Counter Strike Global Offensive and Mixer streamer called Michael Shroud Grzesiek share about the new first person shooter multiplayer game.

In the past, Shroud had already laid out similarities between Valorant and Counter Strike 1.6. he said that the game is bland and everything is super simple and the walls have nothing on them. The streamer signified that the Agents stand out distinctly. Aside from that, he also felt both Valorant and Counter Strike 1.6 have similar spray patters. The overall appearance of Valorant and the simplified map made it feels more comfortable to play and takedown the enemies, unlike Counter Strike Global Offensive.

In the latest stream, Shroud once again had similar things to say. This one stated that Valorant would probably overtake Counter Strike while replying to a question asked by a viewer. He called Valorant an extraordinary game. According to him, the new 5v5 shooter will still under development is pleasing to the eye and a little bit more casual. It makes Valorant easier to learn and get accustomed to as compared to Counter Strike, which in his views has a more hardcore vibe about it.

After playing a few more games, the popular streamer called Shroud described the game as incredible and he is sure that it must have already created a lot of hype for the game. He also said that he could not tell anything in detail, but he could tell that it is one of the greatest games he has played in a very, very, very long time. The player then went on to say that Valorant is looking good despite being in the development stage only.

As if the hype of Valorant was already at a fever pitch, one of the best FPS players in the globe has showered praise on the newest tactical shooter of Riot Games. The former pro player of Counter Strike and the current Mixer streamer known as Shroud had nothing but praise for the FPs of Riot Games. The creator of content was part of an exclusive alpha playtest for Valorant over the weekend and the experience was so phenomenal that is has soured the perception of the streamer of the other games.

At that time, Shroud was already kind of bored and he did not know what to play, but after playing Valorant, it makes it all worse. Because he was sitting there and he said he played a gem and he went to go back to trash.

Have you ever played Valorant? What do you think of Valorant? Do you agree with Shroud that the game is an extraordinary game? If you have not tried it yet, it is better for you to try it now and see if you share the same thought as Shroud’s.

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