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Do you want to edit a Minecraft skin and then you want to make it look new? You may have your imagination about the skin that you want to make for Minecraft. Well, if you want to make a skin that you want, you are able to edit it from the existing skin.

Where can we edit it? There are a number of programs or web tools that you are able to use for editing Minecraft skin. One of them is Skindex Skins Editor. If you access The Skindex site at, you are able to see that there are some menus at the top of the screen including Top, Latest, Recently Commented, Editor, Upload and Skin Grabber. If you want to edit or create a skin, you are able to click on the Editor menu. When you access the Editor menu in The Skindex site, you will be able to see that there is a Minecraft skin framework. What can you do with this framework? You are able to create a skin that you want with the help of the tools which are available there.

There are a number of the tools that you are able to use on this site. You can see the tools in the left side of the framework. The tools which are provided in the Skindex Editor are listed below.

  • Pencil Tool
  • Eraser
  • Auto Tone
  • Color Picker
  • Bucket Tool
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Darken Color
  • Lighten Color
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Mirror Tool on/ off

There is also a Reset Skin button if you want to reset it. On the right side of the framework there are colors that you are able to choose when you color the skin. On the bottom right of the framework, there are some buttons that you are able to use. Those buttons are Upload to Skindex button, Download button, and Upload From Computer button. You are able to click on any button that you need. On the Download button, there is an option of the framework skin so that you are able to choose whether you want your skin in Classic form or Slim.

To make a skin or color the skin, you are able to use the Pencil Tool. With it, you can color the skin per box and if you want to do it faster, you can drag it. However, if you want to color a part of the skin in the same color, you are able to use the Bucket Tool. If you want to change the tone of the color that you use, you are able to click on the Auto Tone tool and then click on the skin color that you want to change the tone. If you think that the color is not suitable or the part that you make is not good, you are able to delete it using the Eraser tool or you can use the Undo button.

Well, you are able to access the Skindex Editor now and make a Minecraft skin that you want there. You are able to explore the tools to know more about the use of them.

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