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You may come to this page to find out the information about the Slime Chunk finder plugin. Apparently, you are at the right page, here we are going to talk about that. Now, you are able to read this entire article to find the information you need.


This is one of plugins that can help you to find Slime Chunk. If you use this plugin on your server, you will be able to find which blocks in the world belong to a slime chunk. By the way, how about the usage of Slime Chunk Detector? The usage of the plugin is extremely simple. Please right click a block while holding a gunpowder and it is going to ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ you as to whether that block is inside of a slime chunk.

Since it is all server-side, getting the seed and calculating the block are easy. It does not expose the seed to anything client side so the Mojang rules of 1.2 are still adhered to with regards to not sending the seed to the client. Apparently, the creator of Slime Chunk Detector created this plugin because himself and some of the members on his server could no longer work out which chunks were slime ones so that they could avoid them for when building their bases, nothing worse than building your base right slap bang in the middle of 1 or 2.


Required to upload v0.1c, the players on their server were complaining that whenever they used a dye item such as bone meal, it would trigger the messages, ended up finding out that an ink sack is nothing more than a damage value for the most part.


Besides Slime Chunk Detector, there is also another plugin that can help you to find Slime Chunk. It is called SCF (Slime Chunk Finder). Apparently, there are some features offer by SCF (Slime Chunk Finder). To more detail, you are able to continue reading the following text.


  • There is a menu of Interactive JSON command help (/scf help) with hover and click events built in.
  • The ability to use finder items for a more dynamic.
  • The ability to customize finder items dynamically through GUI.
  • The ability to set the number of times an item can be used before being destroyed.
  • The ability to set a cost per use for adding an economical factor to use of the item.
  • The ability to set complex custom recipes for finder items through GUI.
  • There is a map command that maps out the chunks around you and displays the Slime Chunks.


  • /scf check. It tells whether the user is currently standing in a slime chunk.
  • /scf settings. It brings up the GUI settings.
  • /scf perms. It shows the plugin permissions.
  • /scf spawn. It spawn a finder item (if enabled).
  • /scf map. It displays a GUI map of nearby chunks and whether they are slime chunks or not.

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