Some Things You Need to Know About Valorant Spike Rush Mode

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As we have known that Valorant is a 5×5 character-based first-person shooter game that involves the use of abilities to impact and change the outcome of the match. Now, Valorant becomes one of the most trending games in the world.

Due to be one of trending games in the world, it leads Riot games as the developers of Valorant game to make a new amazing breakthrough with the launch of new game mode that probably will make the players cozier playing Valorant.

You may be curious with a new game mode of Valorant. Some time ago, valorant released the new game mode called Spike Rush. Of course, Spike Rush is not the warm up mode in Valorant that the players really need. Why?

When Riot Games announced that a new game mode will be released soon. Definitely, many players hope that it can be a great way to warm up for competitive matches. But, in fact, the Spike Rush game mode for Valorant does not make for a great warm up at all.

But also, many players love this new game mode because it allows the players to play Valorant aggressively.

Certainly, many professional players have praised Valorant, but some of them have criticized its early release date.

Then, here are some things that you have to know about Spike Rush Mode in Valorant:

The rules of Spike Rush Mode

  • The games last about 8-12 minutes
  • To plant the Spike, except anyone an attack has a Spike
  • To swap between Attack and Defense after 3 rounds
  • Best of 7 rounds with shorter round times and pre-round
  • Everyone on both teams obtain the same random weapon
  • The player will get all basic abilities for every round for free
  • The player will get 2 ultimate points for kills and deaths
  • In each round, 3-5 special powerup orbs are randomly chosen to appear on the map. (Those powerup orbs can range from speed boosts to gun upgrades to get bonus damage.

Moreover, this Valorant game mode totally feels very fast-paced compared to the other game modes. Then, the player who is looking for some adrenaline and big challenges will be pumped to this new Valorant game mode.

In fact, this new match-type called Spike Rush is the first attempt at a different flavor as the typical Defender and Attacker game mode.

In this case, the Spike Rush was designed for ultra-fast games compared to the traditional version of Valorant. This mode is still attacking and defending teams.  Then, the objective on this mode is to plant or defuse the spike for classic unrated matches.

Furthermore, there are lots of additions to Spike Rush which allow the game to feel much more enjoyable and relaxed with more casual. It means that there will be many benefits that you can get by using this new game mode to play Valorant.

Now, it is your turn to try using this Spike Rush mode to play Valorant. And, make sure that you are ready to play Valorant through this mode.

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