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Thaumcraft 6 is a reimagining of the Thaumcraft 5 mod developed by Azanor. Thaumcraft is based off of the magic known as Thaumaturgy. A person who does Thaumaturgy is called a Thaumaturge. Also, this person is defined as a person who works wonders and does miracles by using the magical essences inside physical objects.

Currently, the mod is in beta on 1.12.2. Based on the research, on January 14, 2019, Azanor announced that he has discontinued development. Since January 2019, Team CoFH has taken upon the port of the mod to newer versions, while Azanor remains as the creative director. However, no ports have been released yet.

Thaumcraft mod (1.12.2) offers you to use the magic around you. This Thaumcraft mod adds lots of magical arcane blocks and the items into your game. Even though the Thaumonomicon is the in-game wiki, it does not cover everything. Thaumaturgy is the capability of a magician to do miracles. This Thaumcraft mod is able to draw magic from physical objects in the form of Essential and then reshape it to do miracles.


  • The wands were removed and replaced with the Caster’s Gauntlet and related to blocks and items.
  • Vis no longer comes from the nodes, but it is spread throughout the environment. Each chunk has a pool of vis. Vis spreads slowly to and from neighboring chunks.
  • The Eldritch was not implemented.
  • The Thaumonomicon has been restructured heavily and no longer takes research points from aspects.
  • The research minigame has been restructured heavily and no longer takes research points from aspects.


To start Thaumcraft 6, you need a Thaumonomicon. This is able to be obtained by mining an Air Crystal, an Earth Crystal, an Order Crystal, a Fire Crystal, a Water Crystal, an Entropy Crystal, or a Flux Crystal. After this is done, a message is going to appear encouraging the player to sleep in a Bed. After lying down in a bed (does not need sleeping through the night for servers), the player is going to get a book titled Strange Dreams that instructs them to function Salis Mundus on a Bookshelf to obtain the Thaumonomicon. You have to note that the Thaumonomicon is a reference book of all things thaumaturgical. It lists all the discoveries created so far and gives a general impression of how much is left to learn. The players will be able to browse through the discoveries and click on them to show more detailed information and any crafting recipes associated with those discoveries, plus any addendums they may have discovered.


  • Upgraded casting gauntlets.
  • A machine to add Vis back into the aura.
  • A tool which can copy and paste seal settings.
  • Warded chests, doors, and trapdoors, with keys to offer others access.
  • A focus effect that creates light.
  • This is an upgraded version of the Boots of Traveler.
  • Added a new dimension, the Emptiness that is reachable through dimensional fractures which spawn in the world.

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