There Was an Error Connecting to the Platform Valorant

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Are you facing an error code 7 in Valorant? This error is usually followed by a message saying that there was an error connecting to the platform. In addition, it also asks you to restart your game client. So, how to fix this error?

First, you need to know that error code 7 can happen for multiple reasons. If you want to fix it, the first thing that you are able to do is to obey what the error message says. You have to restart your game client when you find out that there is error code 7 in the game. If you have tried to restart the game client but there is no change in the error, you are able to try the solutions below.

You are able to try to access the Riot Games site and then check your account region. In case your Valorant account has the wrong account region, especially China, you will face error code 7. If you want to change your account region in Valorant to fix the error, you are able to access the Account page in the Riot Games site. Then, you have to see under Region/ Country if it is really not your region. If that is the problem, then you have to access Changing Your Region of Residence for Your Riot Account page in the Support Valorant Riot Games site. There, you have to login and then scroll down to be able to change your region through the support tool. If it does not work, then you need to open a ticket with the Riot Support to be able to get it manually changed.

Another way that you are able to do to fix error code 7: there was an error connecting to the platform is to check whether you are now alone or a lot of others have the same problem. You are able to check in places with other Valorant players such as Discord and some other forums. If there are a lot of players who experience error code 7, it may be a server issue and not a problem on your side.

You also need to know whether you have an additional firewall on your PC. If you have it, then it may block some parts of Valorant. You are able to make sure that Valorant is completely whitelisted so that you are able to play Valorant without having any issues.

Vanguard is able to be the reason for a lot of problems. So, you are able to try to uninstall it, restart your computer and then install it again by launching Valorant.

That’s all the information that we are able to give to you about how to fix error code 7: there was an error connecting to the platform in Valorant. We hope that the solutions above can help you to fix this problem when you are facing it. If you have more articles about Valorant, you are able to read the other articles on this site. So, good luck!

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