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Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive events that are designed from the ground up for Twitch streamers and viewers. Apparently, 2020 will include over 100 event days featuring new formats, interactive extensions, games, and millions of dollars in prize money.

The Twitch Rivals channel is a home to our anchored studio. It shows and serves as the spotlight for Partner and Affiliate streamers who participate when they face off in streamer vs streamer live competitions. Also, you are able to tune into the channels of anyone participating in an event to see their unique view of the action along with their community.


There are some information you have to fill out:

  • Tournament name.
  • Tournament type.
  • Bracket Size.
  • The team.


Now, we are going to discuss one of past events. It is a Valorant Charity Showdown.

Twitch Rivals is going to showcase 4 tournaments of VALORANT for 4 different regions: Europe, Brazil, Latin America 1, and Latin America 2. Each region is going to divide the teams into groups of 4 for Round Robin, with the top team from each group advancing to their region’s Playoffs.


  • WHAT: 5v5 VALORANT Tournament for Charity
  1. 4 Team Round Robin Group Stage
  2. Best of 1 Group Stage
  3. The top team from each RR Group
  4. EU Playoffs: Best of three
  5. KR and BR Playoffs
  6. LATAMs Playoffs
  1. EU: $100,000
  2. KR, BR, LATAM 1, LATAM 2: $50,000 per Region

Varies per Region.



  • Two Day Tournament
  • Teams: 16 Teams
  • Format: Group Stage to Playoffs

Group Stage (Day One):

  1. Round Robin
  2. Best-of-1 Matches
  3. 4 groups of 4 teams each
  4. Top team from each group advances to Playoffs

Playoffs (Day Two):

  1. Single Elimination Bracket
  2. Best-of-3 Matches

Brazil & Korea:

  • Single Day Tournaments
  • Teams: 4 Teams
  • Format: Group Stage to Playoffs

Group Stage:

  1. Round Robin
  2. Best-of-1 Matches
  3. 1 group of 4 teams
  4. Top 2 teams from the group advance to Playoffs


  1. Continuation Best-of-3 Match.
  2. Winner of the head-to-head matchup in Round Robin will begin the series with a 1 game win advantage.

Latin America 1 & Latin America 2

  • Single Day Tournaments
  • Teams: 2 Teams
  • Format: Playoffs Only


  1. Best-of-5 Match
  2. Games 1-3 will be played on a predetermined map rotation
  3. Game 1: Blind
  4. Game 2: Split
  5. Game 3: Haven
  6. Games 4-5 (if needed) maps will be selected by teams

If you want to get more information about this, we suggest you visit the page of Twitch Rivals. There you are going also to see the upcoming events. For your information, the upcoming event is Twitch Rivals: COD Warzone Showdown. It is going to be released on June 24th, 2020. The last word, you are able to send us an email or comment in the section below if you have any question.

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