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If ever there were a game to justify a fancy 144Hz monitor, it is the new shooter of Riot Games called Valorant. A millisecond is able to be the difference between life and death, between a clutch win and a loss.

The good news is the competitive game designed for global audiences named Valorant will run and run well on just about any old toaster. Actually, it is one of the least demanding big games of the past decade, bar far. However, there is a catch: At this early stage, there are no graphics presets. The thing can make it hard to know where to start when you are looking for that competitive edge.

Best graphic settings for Valorant

First, click on the Video tab. It is in the settings menu. Second, you should now be in the General subtab. Please set Resolution to the native resolution of your monitor and refresh rate. For instance, if you have a 144Hz 1440p gaming monitor, then set it to 2,560 x 1,440 16:9 (144Hz). Third, set Display Mode to Fullscreen. Fourth, set the Aspect Ratio Method to Fill. Fifth, click on the Graphics Quality subtab. Sixth, set Material Quality to Med. Seventh, set Texture Quality to Med. Eighth, set Detail Quality to Med. Ninth, set Ui Quality to Med. Tenth, set Vignette to Off. It will decrease visibility and visual clarity so make sure to turn it off. Eleventh, set VSync to Off. Please keep in mind that enabling VSync introduces input lag and you do not want that so make sure to turn it off. Twelfth, set Anti-Aliasing to MSAA 4x. Enabling it will not cost you much performance and it will prevent blurred edges. Thirteenth, set Anisotropic Filtering to 2x. This one affects the sharpness of surfaces at oblique angles. You will not see much of a difference so you are recommended to use a low setting here. Fourteenth, set Improve Clarity to On. You want the best clarity so you are recommended to enable this setting. You may get a significant performance boost when you turn this off so you may want to test that and decide what you find most important. Fifteenth, set Bloom to Off. Sixteenth, set Distortion to Off. It decreases visibility and clarity and you do not want that so turn it off. Seventeenth, set First Person Shadows to On.

Best general setting for Valorant

These followings are based on the settings of the pro Valorant players. First, open up Valorant. Second, click on Settings located at the top left corner. Third, set Rotate to Fixed. This one is under Minimap. Fourth, set Keep Player Centered to Off. Fifth, set Minimap Size to 1.1. sixth, set Minimap Zoom to 0.9. Seventh, set Minimap Vision Cones to On. Eighth, set Show Map Region Names to Always. This one is under Other. Ninth, set Show Corpses to On. Tenth, set Instability Indicators to On. Eleventh, set Network Buffering to a minimum for the lowest possible input lag. You can set it to Moderate if your internet speed is on the slow side. Twelfth, set Show Bullet Tracers to On.

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