Valorant Ability Bar Disappeared (Not Showing)

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You may be confused why the Valorant ability bar suddenly disappears. It is not a big problem but it certainly takes the time to fix it until getting back to appear again. If you get this problem when playing Valorant, of course, the first way that you have to do it is to solve it. However, this problem can make you so annoyed.

Then, do you know in detail what the ability bar is? You probably just hear the term of ability bar. But, need to know that it can be called as an important thing which can make your Agent get a great ability.

In this case, we are going to share the ways to fix its problem when the ability bar is suddenly not showing on your screen.

Before we go on sharing the ways, certainly, it is better for you to know what the ability bar is in Valorant and how important this bar is.

Ability bar is well-known as ability HUD or health bar in Valorant. Ability in valorant is located at the bottom-center of your HUD. In this menu, you can see the armor and the health indicator with all of your agent’s abilities. Definitely, you are able to purchase the agent abilities at the start of the round. Then, the agent ultimate icon can be seen on the right side of the bottom center HUD.

For beginners, if you cannot use the agent abilities in the round, even if you were eliminated, they automatically remain available until you use them up.

Unfortunately, the health bar/ability HUD in Valorant suddenly disappears. Of course, you need to fix it if you want to get it back.

Then, to help you get the ways easier, you can fix it by following these ways below!

Solution 1: Change the Display Mode to Windowed Fullscreen

The first solution that you can do is to change the display mode to windowed fullscreen. Certainly, there are three display modes in Valorant. Then, if you get the ability HUD not showing, you can switch it to Windowed fullscreen.

  • First, press esc to open the left-side menu.
  • Then, click on Settings. Click on Video
  • After that, choose the Windows Fullscreen in display mode. Finally, click on Apply.

Solution 2: Start a Custom Game

After you changed the display menu to windowed Fullscreen, then, you can continue to start a custom game and go into it.

  • First, click on Play > Custom game
  • Then, click start
  • After that, you can click Start Match when the notice says “Teams are not full” appears.
  • The game definitely will get started, then, pick your agent.

Solution 3: Close a Custom Game and Restart Game

If the two ways above are not working, you can continue to use the next ways. In this case, if the problem still fails to fix, of course, you need to close the game. Then, restart the game by following these ways:

  • First, press Esc key, click on Valorant icon from the top left corner.
  • Then, click on Exit to Desktop. Ensure that the game is totally closed.
  • After that click on Processes, then look for the game process. Definitely, you can right-click on it and end the process if the Valorant is running.
  • Finally, you can start Valorant and play a game normally.

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