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If you come to this page to find out the information regarding Valorant Academy, you are at the right page. Here we are going to discuss about that. So, make sure that you do not miss any information.


Usually, every great competitive game thrives on the foundations of an active and ardent community. So, that is why Valorant built the perfect place for it. You have to know that Valorant Academy is the lively home of grassroots Valorant competition. It is powered by an intuitive and automated Discord bot system and driven by a dedicated team of admins. In this case, Valorant Academy acts as a hub for weekly tournaments in Riot Games’ new First Person Shooter (FPS). Whether you want to get a living winning games or easily enjoy the thrill of competition, you are going to find it all here. Now, the grassroots community is going to birth the world champions of the future. Please register, compete, and walk the path to Valorant fame.


Now, Valorant Academy Season 1 is officially live. The first tournament for the new season of Valorant Academy is going to be held on June 13 and feature a prize pool of $1000. The registrations are already open. You are able to join their Discord channel, where you are going to find all announcements, information, and registration links. However, if you cannot make it to their debut, you do not worry. There are plenty more Valorant Academy tournaments coming.


Of course, you are able to join the Valorant Academy Discord with your team. After you and your team have joined the server, you have to ask the team captain to log in to, and create your team. After you create your team, then you are able to invite your friends using their Discord tags. If you are a player who has been invited to a team, please log onto Valorant Academy to accept or reject the invite. In this case, you may need to enable DM’s to receive the invite. If you have at least five players on the roster, you are ready to sign up for tournaments.


You need to follow the official Discord channel for tournament announcements. As your team’s captain, you have to react to the post with  to initiate your registration process. Remember that only team captain’s must initiate registration.


Valorant Academy is more than just a grassroots tournament hub. It is enhanced by tech designed to give the smoothest competitive experience to the players and streamers. Apparently, the upcoming Valorant Academy Twitch extension is going to give one-click access to tournament infrastructure and more.


Their Discord bot is going to DM you with a link. You need to follow it to fill the information required, including in-game alias, prize receipt information, region, and the team you’ll be competing with. For this case, we suggest you get Discord.

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