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Valorant Battle Pass Calculator helps the players in completing the Battle Pass before the end of the Act. In this case, this calculator predict works to predict the graphs, statistics, the progress and how much XP that they’ll need to complete the Battle Pass.

We think why the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator is worthy to use for the players is because this tool will give a close to an accurate result in their battle pass progression. So, as a Valorant player, using the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator is a must to predict your statistics and amount of XP that you’ll need.

You may not know yet how to use the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator and where to find it. However, getting and using the Valoran Battle Pass Calculator is easier than you think. Thankfully, this post will show you the way to get the Valoran Battle Pass Calculator and how to use it in your battle pass progress. Here you go!

Get Valorant Battle Pass Calculator Now!

Valorant Battle Pass Calculator is available on PC and mobile. If you’re often working with a PC, accessing the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator site is better for you. Otherwise, if you’re a busy guy who also works everyday, having a handy-calculator installed on your smartphone is a must. So, after work, you can play Valorant and continue your battle pass progress based on the prediction that you get from the calculator.

On Site

You can access the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator by accessing the site (  After accessing it, you can then see the calculator which requires you to enter and fill the available format. Here’s what you can find on Valorant Battle Pass Calculator:

  • Current Tier (What tier are you in)
  • XP to Go (Max) (The amount of XP you want)
  • Tier Goal (The tier you want to reach)
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date

Current week


  • Daily Challenges
  • Day Completed
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Count from week

On Mobile

More practically, you can also download and install the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator app on your mobile. This app is available on Android that you can download from Google Play Store. You just simply go to the Play Store on your smartphone and search for the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator app and then download it.

Download Link:

How to Use Valorant Battle Pass Calculator?

As we’ve mentioned above, Valorant Battle Pass Calculator works to generate forecast/prediction, graphs, statistics regarding the evolution of the players in the game. Because it’s just a prediction, of course, the real result probably will be different.

In this chance, we’ll try to generate a battle pass forecast by entering some data according to the available format through the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator site with the link that we’ve given above. Here’s an example!

Enter the data based on your progress on available format below:

  • Current Tier: 5
  • XP to Go (Max): 3000
  • Tier Goal: 55
  • Starting Date: 05/27/2021
  • Ending Date: 06//27/2021

Current week: 5


  • Daily Challenges: (ticked)
  • Day Completed: (ticked)
  • Weekly Challenges: (ticked)
  • Count from week: 5

Once you enter your progress in the available format, you can then click on the ‘Calculate’ button to start generating the forecast. Well, your result progress is shown as follow:

  • XP From Challenge: 28%
  • Desirable Progress: 55%
  • Current XP: 9,5000
  • XP Needed per Day: 31,746
  • XP Needed per Week: 103,173
  • Remaining XP: 825,382.5
  • XP from Challenges: 320,117.5
  • BP Total XP: 1,155,000
  • Remaining Tiers: 46 + 5
  • Remaining Time: 26 days (4 weeks)

Here are the results in each game mode:

Normal Mode

  • Remaining Games: 208
  • Remaining Time (hours): 127 : 29
  • Games per Day: 8
  • Hours per Day: 4 : 54

Spike Rush Mode

  • Remaining Games: 826
  • Remaining Time (hours): 102 : 34
  • Games per Day: 32
  • Hours per Day: 2 : 56

Deathmatch Mode

  • Remaining Games: 918
  • Remaining Time (hours): 114 : 38
  • Games per Day: 36
  • Hours per Day: 4 : 24

That’s the result when you enter the battle pass progress based on the data above. How about you? Are you ready to try knowing your battle pass progress generated by Valorant Battle Pass Calculator? Well, it’s your turn to get your battle pass progress forecast.

How Does Battle Pass Work in Valorant?

Battle Pass in Valorant allows the players to progress through tiers and obtain certain items including the player cards, weapon charms, players titles, sprays and weapon skins. The Radianite points that the players get through the Battle Pass can be used to develop certain weapon skins and other content types in the game.

If you spend a lot of time playing Valorant, you certainly have to earn XP and progress towards unlocking cosmetics items for your collection. In case people who do not participate in the Premium Battle Pass must still be able to obtain the rewards to commemorate their participation during the Battle Pass’ duration.

Additionally, if you buy the Premium version of the Battle Pass, you’ll get simply more rewards. However, there’s no pay to win. The point is that the qualifications of rewards will take priority over quantity.

How to Opt-In Valorant Battle Pass?

Valorant Battle Pass has two Episodes where each episode includes three Acts. Episode 1 named Ignition includes 3 acts introducing Ascent, Reyna, Killjoy and Icebox, Skye. Episode 2 named Formation includes 3 acts introducing Yoru, Astra and Breeze. For each Act, you will get a new Battle Pass. An Act ends along with its associated Battle Pass for about every two months.

The Act 1 Valorant Battle Pass has 50 tiers which is open for a limited time with a free and premium path. The Valorant Battle Pass is divided into 10 Chapters in which each chapter contains 5 premium tiers and rewards a free Chapter completion reward when unlocked .

Every tier in the Valorant Battle Pass will require more and more XP to unlock, while tier 5 can only take one or two games to unlock tier 45. It will take around 25000 XP to unlock tier 1 and so on for the next 9 tiers which have 50 items to unlock.

To level up fast in Valorant, the regular players do not have to worry as they will obtain enough XP to complete their battle passess as quickly as possible. However, if they have limited time per day, it’s what you have to do to level up fast in Valorant.

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