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Every tier in the Valorant Battle Pass will require more and more XP to unlock, while tier 5 can only take one or two games to unlock tier 45. It will take around 25000 XP to unlock tier 1 and so on for the next 9 tiers which have 50 items to unlock.

To level up fast in Valorant, the regular players do not have to worry as they will obtain enough XP to complete their battle passess as quickly as possible. However, if they have limited time per day, it’s what you have to do to level up fast in Valorant.

Then, how many XPs that you will need to level up in each tier? Thankfully, this post will show you the amount of XP that you should gather in order to level up in Valorant. Let’s see our post below and find out the information!

Battle Pass XP Per Level

Here’s the amount of Battle Pass XP for each level that you should get in Valorant:

Level 1 3000 XP
Level 2 4000 XP
Level 3 5000 XP
Level 4 6000 XP
Level 5 7000 XP
Level 6 8000 XP
Level 7 9000 XP
Level 8 10000 XP
Level 9 11000 XP
Level 10 12000 XP
Level 11 13000 XP
Level 12 14000 XP
Level 13 15000 XP
Level 14 16000 XP
Level 15 17000 XP
Level 16 18000 XP
Level 17 19000 XP
Level 18 20000 XP
Level 19 21000 XP
Level 20 22000 XP
Level 21 23000 XP
Level 22 24000 XP
Level 23 25000 XP
Level 24 26000 XP
Level 25 27000 XP
Level 26 28000 XP
Level 27 29000 XP
Level 28 30000 XP
Level 29 31000 XP
Level 30 32000 XP
Level 31 33000 XP
Level 32 34000 XP
Level 33 35000 XP
Level 34 36000 XP
Level 35 37000 XP
Level 36 38000 XP
Level 37 39000 XP
Level 38 40000 XP
Level 39 41000 XP
Level 40 42000 XP
Level 41 43000 XP
Level 42 44000 XP
Level 43 45000 XP
Level 44 46000 XP
Level 45 47000 XP
Level 46 48000 XP
Level 47 49000 XP
Level 48 50000 XP
Level 49 51000 XP
Level 50 52000 XP

Battle Pass Experience Points, How to Get?

To level up battle pass in order to unlock amazing rewards, farming XP is what you should have in Valorant. They are also a gorgeous place to get experience points. Need to know that, each battle pass grants slightly different XP and rewards. So it is not a viable way to farm points especially as they are only available for a limited time.

In the game of Valorant, battle pass participation does not produce an incredible number of points if you can get through the tiers. For example, the player who completed Episode 1, Act 3 Battle Pass will earn a little over one million XP without the Epilogue. If they completed Act 3, they surely will obtain over 1.5 million XP.

To advance a Battle Pass, collecting as many XP as you can from each match is a must. In this case, completing a Battle Pass within two-month-long allotted time is hard for most Valorant players as you will need around 1,372,000 XP to do it. But, there are also a lot of players who power through it as it is the only way to make sure that they receive all the rewards which are offered from the latest Act.

Tips to Level Up Valorant Battle Pass

To ease you leveling up your Battle Pass in Valorant, of course, there are a bunch of tips that you should take. The Valorant Battle Pass Episode 2 Act 3 has been released on April 27, 2021. So, before it is over, it’s highly recommended for you to complete all chapters in order to get a higher amount of battle pass XP.

Here are the tips and tricks that you can do to level up your battle pass:

  • Complete daily And weekly missions

Completing both daily and weekly missions is one of the fastest ways you can do in Valorant. Every day, players can check the available missions on the Valorant main page (top left). In total there will be 5 missions, consisting of 3 weekly missions and 2 daily missions.

Most of the daily missions will give you 2,000 XP per mission, while the weekly missions range from 8,000 XP to 12,000 XP per mission. These daily missions can be completed in 1-2 games, giving a total of around 28,000 XP per week (just by completing the daily missions).

  • Choose best Valorant game mode

In Battle Pass Act 1, Valorant presents the Spike Rush game mode, where players can complete rounds faster than classic games. In general, Spike Rush takes about 8-10 minutes, and gives 1,000 XP (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose).

Similar to Spike Rush, Deathmatch Mode is a mode option that doesn’t take much time to complete (around 6 minutes). In one round of Deathmatch, you can get 500 XP. Unfortunately, players cannot complete daily and weekly missions through Deathmatch.

When playing the standard game mode, each game round will give you 100 XP, and if you win, there will be a 200 XP bonus.

The point is, the best Valorant game mode that you can choose to level up your Battle Pass is Spike Rush, especially if it is calculated based on the amount of time it takes and the XP gained. Unfortunately, the spike rush game mode is not as exciting as the standard / competitive game modes.

  • Notice for the time to complete battle pass

To complete the Battle Pass Valorant and get all the rewards, players need a total of about 100 hours (or 16.3 hours per week), according to one of the Riot employees, Joe Lee.

To increase each tier, the required amount of XP increases by 1,000 XP to complete (level 1 = 3,000XP, level 2 = 4,000 XP, level 3 = 5,000XP). So in the last tier, you need a total of 52,000 XP. In total, you need 1,375,000 XP to complete the entire Battle Pass Valorant.

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