Valorant Best Weapons (Damage)

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It is important for you as Valorant player to know the best weapons in the game. By knowing the best weapons, you are able to choose what kind of weapons that you will buy in the game so that you are able to beat your enemies.

Ghost is the best pistol in the game. This is a force to be reckoned with in almost every situation. If you want to dispatch an enemy at close to mid-range, one tap to the head is enough. It also can fire fast and deals excellent damage in the hands of ant relatively accurate player. It is cheap since you need 500 credits.

Shorty is an alternative which is worthy. The Sherrif is also able to be devastating in the hands of someone accurate. However, the Ghost has it beat for versatility. Here is the damage stats of Valorant pistols including Ghost.

  •  Classic

Alt Fire: 3 – round burst

Prenetration: low

Mag Size: 12

Body Damage: under 30m -> 26, over 30m -> 22

Headshot Damage: under 30m-> 78, over 30m -> 66

Leg Damage: under 30m -> 22, over 50m -> 18

  • Shorty

Alt Fire: N/A

Penetration: low

Mag Size: 2

Body Damage: Under 9m -> 12, Under 15m -> 8, Over 15m -> 3

Headshot Damage: Under 9m-> 36, Under 15m-> 24, Over 15m-> 9

Leg Damage: Under 9m-> 10, Under 15m-> 6, Over 15m-> 2

  •  Frenzy

Alt Fire: N/A

Penetration: low

Mag Size: 13

Body Damage: Under 20m-> 26, Over 20m-> 21

Headshot Damage: Under 20m-> 78 Over 20m-> 63

Leg Damage: Under 20m-> 22 Over 20m-> 17

  •  Ghost

Alt Fire: N/A

Penetration: medium

Mag Size: 15

Body Damage: Under 30m-> 30, Over 30m-> 25

Headshot Damage: Under 30m-> 105, Over 30m-> 87

Leg Damage: Under 30m-> 25 Over 30m-> 21

  • Sheriff

Alt Fire: N/A

Penetration: high

Mag Size: 6

Body Damage: Under 30m-> 55, Over 30m-> 50

Headshot Damage: Under 30m-> 159, Over 30m-> 145

Leg Damage: Under 30m-> 46 Over 30m-> 42

The best SMG in the game is Spectre. The silenced spray of Spectre is lightning quick and it can quickly bereave groups of clustered enemies in quick succession. This weapon is a great way to gain early momentum and train your aim before you are able to get your hands on the big guns. Here is the damage stats of it.

  • Spectre

Alt Fire: ADS, slight spread reduction

Penetration: medium

Mag Size: 30

Body Damage: Under 20m-> 26, Over 20m-> 22

Headshot Damage: Under 20m-> 78, Over 20m->66

Leg Damage: Under 20m-> 22, Over 20m-> 18

If you also want to know the best assault rifle, the answer may be Vandal. It is Valorant’s AK-47 for the Counter-Strike fans. Here is the damage stats of it.

  • Vandal

Alt Fire: ADS, slight spread reduction

Prenetration: medium

Mag Size: 25

Body Damage: 39

Headshot Damage: 156

Leg Damage: 33

How about the best sniper rifle in Valorant? The answer is Operator. It is Valorant’s go-to sniper which deals lethal shots at any range to the head and body. Here is the damage stats of it.

  •  Operator

Alt Fire: ADS, significant spread reduction

Penetration: high

Mag Size: 5

Body Damage: 150

Headshot Damage: 255

Leg Damage: 127

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