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When you are playing Valorant, what do you think? Do you think of Valorant champion tier list of Agents? You may want to know the list of Valorant tier of agents so that you can know which agent that can be the champion.

If you want to know the Valorant Tier list, here they are. The agents are ranked by tier.

  • S Tier : Sage, Cypher
  • A Tier : Brimstone, Breach, Sova
  • B Tier : Raze, Phoenix, Omen, Reyna
  • C Tier : Viper, Jett

Now, we will explain each of class of Agent and where they are useful. It is important for you to know that the things can change as patches and the meta adjust.

Who is the best sentinel agents in Valorant game? It is Sage and Cypher. Sage has incredible utility as a medic and a map controller. She is able to heal other players and herself. She also can summon walls that can stop site rushes and revive players from the dead. What about Cypher? He is the king of omniscience. His spycam is able to be put in clandestine locations to watch the enemy team and tag them with a dart that can reveal them to the whole map.

If you want to know the best controller agents in Valorant, the answer may be Viper, Brimstone and Omen. Brimstone specializes in airstrikes and smokescreens which can rain into the map from the heavens.

The best initiator agents in Valorant according to Euro Gamer are Sova and Breach. If you want to be an unstoppable supporting force, Breach is a good pick for your first unlockable Valorant agent. He has abilities to go through walls, so is able to stop and daze enemies in their tracks if combined with a clever information hero. Sova is more beginner-friendly but he also also effective with his recon bolt, which you are able to learn trick shots for to unravel the defensive setup of the enemy.

If you are looking for the best duelist agents in the game, those are Phoenix, Jett, Raze and Reyna. f you want to play Duelist, you need aggression. You need to be a good shot and can manage your abilities on top of your accuracy. Jett players must press a series of buttons with excellent timing to rotate and manoeuvre around teams which then to get headshots. If you are dead set on a Duelist, you can use Raze. She has easy to understand abilities which can net the team cheap frags. Besides, Phoenix is also a good place to start for Duelist given his zoning wall of fire and ultimate Run it Back. It will permit him to attack a site with a second life if his body double is shot. Reyna and Phoenix have abilities that can blind other players when used which are very useful for aggressive pushes on a busy bomb site.

So, hopefully this article can help you in getting information about Valorant agents tier list and also information about the champion or the best agents.

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